LED Sign – What I’ve done with it

19th of January 2010 12

LED Sign – What I’ve done with it

Earlier, I posted some videos of the Alpha 4120C sign I picked up on eBay. This is what I’ve done with it since then. More information here: www.avbrand.com

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12 great comment(s) for this post

  1. mikep0022 9:30 am 21/01 of 2010

    Awesome, I did a lot of the same things with an old BetaBrite I had. I really like the two line capability.

    You could have an 100 foot TV with the best resolution possible, but it still won’t get the reaction out of people that these little signs do. They are dazzled.

  2. ScreamingSigns 10:26 pm 22/01 of 2010

    Interesting: Perhaps lease to own financing AVAILABLE means something else in Canada?
    My Not-Chinese 15 X 40 sign don’t coat anything like $2,000 either. Nothing cheapo about it, I’ll put it up against other LED sign made. And win! More features, Brighter, Better!

  3. AvWuff 2:03 am 25/01 of 2010

    The price I quoted was for the specific sign I have here, which is far superior to the cheapo Chinese signs that all people sell. Alpha’s communications protocol is very advanced.

    Anyway, Screaming Signs seems to only do lease deals, so $181 is just for one month.


  4. ScreamingSigns 3:22 pm 26/01 of 2010

    Very cool.

    But, who told you that a sign like this one costs thousands of dollars? How about $181.00, brand new?

    see Screaming Signs

  5. daxweb 5:19 am 27/01 of 2010

    you rock!!!
    great project!!

  6. greenboy623 12:26 pm 30/01 of 2010

    Wow . . . that’s so overkill, I LOVE IT!!!! :D

    There’s nothing I like better than a good dose of overkill in the morning!

  7. Jorgen87 5:39 am 2/02 of 2010

    lol :D what a perfect and great thing to have inside, if you listen to loud music =)

  8. SignsPlusSigns 8:37 pm 5/02 of 2010

    Great use of your led signs!

  9. DJSEBLAST 2:25 am 7/02 of 2010

    goooooooooooooooooooood! a lot of programing man… good job…

  10. 3Hunter7 11:21 am 10/02 of 2010

    This video was uploaded on my birthday X-D.

    Feb 11th 1990

    Anyway awesome sign

  11. halofanboy117 10:03 pm 13/02 of 2010

    thats really kool

  12. SgtSavage166 1:31 pm 16/02 of 2010

    wow that looks so cool…..
    Futurama FTW!

    (wuffy, if youre reading this, HI!)


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