Led sign - LED signs – A Way for your company to be seen with LEDs

14th of May 2010 0

LED signs – A Way for your company to be seen with LEDs

Not everyone is a physicist or a LED expert and designer. The average electronics consumer (that might know a few things about LED devices or any other illuminating apparatus) has to be informed on the important place LEDs hold in our life.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it performs a great variety of functions, being found in many household appliances. Every blinking LED is a genuine unsung hero of the electronics’ landscape. The amazing LED colors vary, depending on the composition of the materials used and the outside conditions of the above mentioned semiconductor, ranging from almost ultraviolet to the visible spectre or even the infrared light. To put it shortly, a LED sign is simply a small series of light bulbs that can be inserted rapidly into electrical circuits.

The major difference between LED sign and light bulbs

The major difference between a LED and some other common incandescent bulb is that, the LED doesn’t contain any filament which may burn out or get too hot. You can burn your fingers with a LED, as every LED is illuminated just by the rapid movement of electrons in a semiconductor material. A standard LED generally lasts as long as a normal transistor.

These devices can create the ciphers on digital clocks, light up your wrist watch, send information from a remote control or even warn you when an appliance is turned on. When altogether connected because of decorative or practical reasons, they can accomplish marvellous things as the LED illuminating sign of an everyday traffic light. In fact, the most obvious purpose LEDs have is to advertise and sell services and products.

If you know exactly how you want your clients to perceive your image, if you want your brand to stand out when people pass by, if you want to capture everyone’s attention, then you have to appeal to the best LED effects and use the best colors and shapes for your sign. To get your brand profile known on the market and to develop new and improved connections with your company’s clients you have to use the advantages a LED sign can give you. Yes, LED signage is useful not only for appliances, but for marketing also. Sign LED technology can make it easy for you to change your corporate colors and improve your business.

Sign brain cell

These complex devices are organized by a Sign Brain Cell, meaning an extremely tiny controller, the smallest in stature digital LED programmable controller built until now. Even though it measures only 80mm x 40mm x 20mm, this piece of equipment for sign illumination does a miraculous job. It ensures that your company’s colors attract potential customers by all means. It enlightens about the possibilities your company can offer and sells your image in the most appealing way.

X-Stream LED sign system

The X-Stream LED Sign system is represented by a modular RGB LED signage option. This modular system refers to the fact that it can be complex or simple, depending on your choice. Some high-tech sign modules are interconnected to form small basic systems or larger ones for more sophisticated signs of different scales and with color changing animated Sign drawings. These last complicated ones are run from a computer over a connected network and can indeed be called a work of art. A lot of work is put into the creation of a LED sign, but the effort is repaid through an eye-catching light show.

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