Led Signs – Go Green With An Led Sign

6th of April 2010 0

Led Signs – Go Green With An Led Sign

LED signs are becoming very popular in todays business signage. More and more small and large businesses are utilizing led signs to gain more attention and advertising power and it is definitely working.In todays day and age,led signs provide a more creative approach to reaching new potential customers.Led signs are not only creative and attractive,but they are also more energy efficient.A primary goal at Dotrix Led Signs is to encourage customers to go green with led signs and start saving more money today.Led signs use 6-10 times less energy than standard neon signs.Led signs are affordable and with long term use will provide a lower energy bill for years to come.It is no wonder why so many people are switching to led signs.They can be seen everywhere from decorating houses for all the holidays to traffic signals and lights.As far as neon signs go,Dotrix LED Signs currently offers all our led sign models in neon upon request.However,we do recommend led signs over neon for many safety and energy saving reasons.Led signs are the news affordable and economically-safe neon and you will be seeing a lot more led signs increasingly in use by your own top competitors every single day in the very near future.So start saving and be one of the first to reap the benefits of led signage today.Dotrix LED Signs also carries a full range of Programmable led signs.They can customize any programmable led sign size upon request and our programmable led signs are very affordable.Dotrix LED Signs programmable led signs are available in two tri-color models and are also offered in full color models as well.The choices with the tri-color models are yellow, green,and red or red,blue,and pink.The best part about Programmable led signs is that they can easily be programmed to say what you want and when you want at the click of a button.No PC is needed to even program your programmable led sign because they come with a remote.Its as easy as texting a friend on a cell.Dotrix LED Signs also offers full tech support on all signs during normal business hours.If you have a lot to say about your business then Programmable led signs are right choice for you.Like with all of Dotrix Led Signs,they have the ability to advertise for 24 hours,7 days a week for the cost of a newspaper ad or even less.All of the signs available from Dotrix LED Signs come with a one year warranty that can be extended further as ordered.Plus all of these led signs come with free shipping in the Continental United States.Dotrix LED Sign customers have nothing but great things to say about their led signs and they are backed by a one-year warranty and tech support.So give Dotrix LED Signs an online visit today or call us to learn more about their led signs directly at 631-406-6413.A customer service representative will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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