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LED signs

Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience. When Led’s are used for such displays then these are called LED signs. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Led’s are much different and far more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. This light emitted can be used in several ways. LED signs is one of the uses of these lights. Different LED signs are there because of different pixel arrangement. A pixel is a cluster of two or more Led’s, each delivering a single point of light or color. Some pixels are clusters of single colored Led’s; the pixels used in color signs combine red, green, and blue Led’s. Arranged in rows and columns, thousands of pixels go into every sign. Quality of an LED sign is determined by its pitch. The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. The closer the pixels  the crisper and more realistic your image appears. The LED viewing angle refers to the angle at which you view a sign. When you look at an LED straight on, it is at full brightness. As you view the LED from different directions, the brightness changes. This is typical for all LED signs, but some have a wider viewing angle, allowing you to see more of the image .Monochrome (single color) LED signs have been around a long time. Commonly available with either red or amber Led’s, they are a proven way to get your message – especially text messages – to your audience. Some monochrome displays also allow you to display graphics or short animations in thousands of shades. Color (RGB) LED signs can do everything the monochrome signs can, yet they can also display videos, animations, and even live events, and deliver your messages in literally millions of eye-catching colors. LED signs are used as displays in the outdoor , most owners of outdoor digital signage solutions see revenue growth immediately upon installation of the sign. you can target the people who are most likely to buy from you—the people who drive past your business every day! LED signs become very useful in this way. high quality indoor LED signs used in electronic messages  are cost-effective and easy to program, these displays are instant and add excitement and high visibility to any kind of communications. LED signs are ideal for retail, offices, schools, theatres and more. In today’s world, quick and effective communication is essential. To do this, you need the right display using the right technology. A indoor LED message displays have revolutionized the way companies communicate with their customers and employees. Whether you are looking for a simple one-line electronic display, a multi-line digital message board, or an LED clock….LED signs are sure to suit your needs. The low energy consumption and small size of an Led’s has led to its use in indicators and displays on a variety of equipment. Large area LED displays are used as stadium displays and as dynamic decorative displays. Thin, lightweight message displays are used at airports and railway stations. The single color light is well suited for traffic lights and signals, exit signs, and LED-based Christmas lights. Red or yellow Led’s are used in indicator and alphanumeric displays in environments where night vision must be retained. The use of LEDs also has styling advantages because LEDs are capable of forming much thinner lights than incandescent lamps.  Artist have also used LEDs for Light art and more specifically LED art.

LED signs

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