LIRR M7 Electronic Advertising Sign

23rd of March 2010 7

LIRR M7 Electronic Advertising Sign

New LIRR M7 Electronic Advertising Sign. Car 7520.

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  1. 5BronxExp 5:24 pm 24/03 of 2010

    The LIRR is planning on ordering M-9’s for service increases when East Side Access is complete, there aren’t any actually running though. I don’t even think a final model has been built yet.

  2. LIRRFAN 9:46 am 26/03 of 2010

    yeah thats not a m-9

  3. Delta757flyer 2:27 pm 28/03 of 2010

    anyone no of pics of the m9’s

  4. NJTFAN92 1:50 pm 31/03 of 2010

    M9’s will be coming in 2010

  5. lirr56890 7:29 pm 1/04 of 2010

    lirr ordered m9’s

  6. CFDEngCo3 5:30 am 4/04 of 2010

    M7 LIRR doesnt have M9’s

  7. lirr56890 1:51 pm 4/04 of 2010

    you are very lucky that’s a m9


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