Looking for the Perfect Employee? Try LED Signs & LED Displays

12th of December 2009 0

Looking for the Perfect Employee? Try LED Signs & LED Displays

What is your ideal employee? How would you like to have an employee who could do this:

Works 24 hours a day

Works 7 days a week

Works 365 days a year

Doesn’t need or want benefits

Never asks for a raise

Will work for less than $15 a day

That is what you get with LED Signs and LED Displays. They are the perfect employee. Let me explain in more detail.

How LED Signs Make The Perfect Employee

LED Signs are in front of your business everyday, all day. They ‘shouting’ your targeted messages to the passing traffic creating impulse purchase by getting people to pull in.

LED Displays have one of the lowest cost per exposures you will find anywhere. If you have 5000 cars passing your business on any given day you are only paying less than a penny per exposure! Compare that to TV or Newspaper advertising!

So how can you get a get LED Signs for less than $15 per day? Simple, get it with an equipment lease! That spreads the payments out over 5 years. If you pay $25,000 (with interest) on an equipment lease that works out to $5000 per year which is $13.69 per day or, to break it down a bit more, $0.57 per hour!

To sweeten the pot a bit more, LED Signs have a life expectancy of 10 years. If you are only paying for it for 5 years, that means you can expect to get 5 years of free service!

Do you think having an LED Sign flashing and blinking in front of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year can produce $15 a day in additional revenue? Not only will they bring in new customers but if you program them properly they can help you increase how much each customer spends with you! Suddenly $15 sounds like a small number and anything over $15 a day is profit!

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