Make a glowing neon sign

21st of December 2009 24

Make a glowing neon sign

Transparent canvases shown in the video: 00:54 – Get transparent with the free ArtRage 01:47 – Paint your sign 04:42 – Upload your texture and build your sign 09:01 – One more thing… —- MORE ENLIGHTENMENT @ Friendlygreetings! You can learn Second Life in a fun and fast fashion! The enthusiastic Torley is your host, taking you on a tour through tips, tricks, and techniques that’ll increase your confidence and make you smile. :) Whether you’re a …

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. SwanArt1 4:35 am 23/12 of 2009

    Okay now how can i upload my image with paying 10l???

  2. the12221 5:11 am 25/12 of 2009

    FREAKING FUNNY!!! great work!

  3. sanny630 8:48 am 28/12 of 2009

    thanks a lot :):):)

  4. darkstars101 9:46 pm 29/12 of 2009

    the link to get the Transparent canvas dosent work : (

  5. wolfrider910 8:40 am 2/01 of 2009

    Wow this is actually a cool thing torley thanks! Maby i should get in the business in making neon signs in second life! holy crap!

  6. TheCharlieDrake 5:47 pm 4/01 of 2009

    Thanks Torley

  7. satellite98 1:51 pm 7/01 of 2009

    i fell asleep

  8. danabnormal88 1:41 pm 9/01 of 2009

    you can do that with animations?

  9. holodocdr 4:10 pm 12/01 of 2009

    Belated post – this came in handy for my Donner-go-round. Nice application that Art Rage. Thanks also for the alpha ptg files :)

  10. Feuyaer 2:38 am 15/01 of 2009

    :D :D :D :D


    Dude, a whiiiile ago my brother told me ALPHA TRANS only. So for a year and six months now, EVERY time I’ve needed transparency, I’ve gone through cumbersome alpha channels.

    haha ALLAH be praised, this will make things so much easier.

  11. Feuyaer 10:35 pm 16/01 of 2009


    Then you can go to TEEN sl.

    …then wait 5 years THEN you can join REAL SL, lol.

  12. cod4boy45 12:18 am 17/01 of 2009

    can u do this by using word and pasting a picture from the web then saving it to png and putting it on second life

  13. Torley 2:19 pm 17/01 of 2009

    Anyone who can’t find the glowing neon sign transparency/alpha files, see the description on the right… the link’s right there. :)

  14. XxGirlzmanxX 8:44 am 18/01 of 2009

    im a kid i got banned
    1 more year and il be 13

  15. densle1 10:31 pm 19/01 of 2009

    can you add me on second life im densle Twine

  16. hersheyam 10:36 pm 19/01 of 2009

    Friend showed me your channel, you have some great tutorials!! I look forward to seeing more. :P

  17. ZealonChaosMagi 1:14 am 21/01 of 2009

    I laughed so hard XD

  18. Jman905 4:13 pm 22/01 of 2009

    if i only had Lindens, and if your reading this and say “why not buy some” i would but i have no damn credit card and IDK how SO STFU WHO READING THIS AND GUESSING THAT!

  19. girlparadoxal 10:07 pm 25/01 of 2009

    I currently own a Gateway laptop and the graphics on this thing isn’t the best, and I see and LOVE your tutorials but I was wondering, what computer do you have and what did you do to make SL look so, well actually run so easily especially on ultra? I most definitely need whatever that is hahaha. I really need to get a Mac/Linux laptop but I heard those don’t run with SL too good, may I ask why is that? Or will it work with it anyway? Haha

  20. holodocdr 10:49 am 27/01 of 2009

    This might not be a good topic, considering how trashed Mainland is. Just giving the wrong people more ways to mar the landscape and make it more unpleasant for those trying to have a nice place or home there. Just IMHO.

  21. rockinrater 12:33 pm 29/01 of 2009

    Yes, you can.

  22. Lolpwnlol 5:22 am 1/02 of 2009

    YES! TY for making this vid ^_^

  23. ramonski2 7:21 pm 1/02 of 2009

    ya but i can not dnowlode it

  24. dziczku 2:09 am 2/02 of 2009

    Ramonski – yes, you can


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