Making a Neon Sign

2nd of November 2009 3

Making a Neon Sign

A video clip from “Introduction to Neon Signs” where you can learn how a neon sign is made.

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  1. bear23844 3:53 am 3/11 of 2009

    my dad has been a neon sign maker im guessing longer than you,almost 7 or 8 years!he even was in the international sign builder magizenewith the best neon sign in the contry! cool huh?

  2. ChokeOnThisOne 6:18 pm 4/11 of 2009

    dying breed….china can import it for 1/8th of the price to make it here in the ‘ol USA. *****…..I know

  3. jmcilh 8:59 am 5/11 of 2009

    It looks like this fella has been around the neon a long time.


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