Maximizing Vinyl Signs as a Winning Alternative to Paper

19th of October 2009 0

Maximizing Vinyl Signs as a Winning Alternative to Paper

Getting tired of the same paper material for your advertising needs? Try Vinyl Signs. It’s a durable material that can give you high quality prints for those extra large advertisements.

Vinyl signs are made of synthetic material that can last longer than your other posters printed on paper. It is the same material billboards and an increasing number of banners are made of. It is the material of choice for outdoor advertising because of its sturdy material that allows it to withstand almost any weather conditions.

When you have a specific display area for your vinyl sign and need it accurately sized to the last half-inch, you can freely do so as there are online printing companies who give you this liberty without any extra charges for custom sizes. Because it uses digital printing technology, you enjoy custom sizes as a default.

Printing Tips for Vinyl Signs

Nevertheless, here are some suggestions to make your vinyl signs printing easier and more convenient.

1. If you want to get high quality prints, you have to send a good, high-resolution image. For sizes larger than 11×17 a minimum of 200 PPI or pixels per inch is required. Larger prints require smaller resolution as low as 150 PPI for 27×39 inch posters and higher. Although, it is still the best idea to go for higher resolution as a safe measure.

• Resolution is the amount of data an image has to ensure printing quality. If you need help determining how to get the right resolution, you can ask for technical support from the company’s prepress department.

2. Choose vibrant colors that can be seen from a distance. Vinyl signs are outdoor advertisements and should be visible from far away. It also competes with the environment and should be printed in bright colors that easily draw the eyes attention.

3. With relation to the previous suggestion, it is ideal for you to experiment and give you vinyl signs great contrasts. This is most especially useful to remember if you already have secured an area to place your vinyl signs in.

4. Vinyl signs can be both vinyl banners and adhesive backs. Nevertheless, the main difference is that the latter uses an adhesive to mount itself.

• Try to know in advance where you will display your vinyl signs. Try to know too if you will be needing poles or grommets for your vinyl banners. In case both, determine how much for each.

• These additional services often come with additional charge, but it makes sure you get the best use of your vinyl signs.

5. When used in open areas, these large signs help establish the presence of your business, increase your sales and promote your product branding. Among other things, it can also be used as indoor advertisements. It can be used for exhibits in trade shows, as large floor-to-ceiling installations in stores, or even as backdrop to stage events.

Vinyl signs are very flexible and can be used and reused for many of your advertising, marketing, or design needs. If durability and flexibility is what you are looking for, then vinyl signs surely beat paper anytime.

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