Getting your stores message across with shop signs

4th of June 2010 0

Getting your stores message across with shop signs

Christmas is coming soon and the high streets and shopping centres are soon going to be overtaken by thousands of UK shoppers all out buying their Christmas gifts.

shop signs

If you own a retail store or have businesses that could benefit this holiday season from a boost in advertising then you should consider the following possible additions that can help make offers clear to customer and draw more customers to your shop.

First of all what isn’t well known to inexperienced store owners is that customers need direction and to know which way they are meant to go when in store. Having signs that clearly point out the location of sections that shoppers may be looking for is a basic measure to take. A good example would be a sign on top of a book shelf in a book store stating what category books are on that shelf. Not only is this going to help arrange your store but it will help cut down the number of customers stuck wandering round the shop which could be a problem especially if you are very busy.

If your company has special offers on then there are a number of ways to make these clear to your customers, whether you have them on the walls inside or some sort of window display and stand. The poster is an often used advertising feature and depending on how well designed the poster is you could really grab attention from passing shoppers and draw people into the store.

Some shops will have stands or “A Boards”, also known as sandwich boards, placing these on the pavement outside your store is another way to draw attention to your business and having offer details on these boards can draw in more potential customers. Some stores may have their stands outside the store whereas some others may have their advertising stands farther afield, perhaps in an area of town that gets lots of foot traffic? In this case you may need to put directions to your shop on the sign to instruct shoppers where to go to get to your shop.

Some companies will spend large sums of money researching what works best with advertising and if you want your shop or business to thrive then you need to enter the arena too. There are lot of websites that sell promotional materials, print advertising material and all sorts of shop signs that can help drive more people into your store!

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