Methods For Driving Traffic To Your Site

27th of March 2010 0

Methods For Driving Traffic To Your Site

Methods For Driving Traffic to Your Site Internet traffic is a serious problem for one serious reason: No traffic signs or signals! On any given day there is a gazillion surfers driving in here and no signals or signs anywhere! Isn’t that the truth? So what do you do? They all use Search Engines right? All of us do. The good news is that Search Engines work SUPER! You type in a word or a phrase and the Search Engine will take you right to it, or if it doesn’t, probably pretty darn close. All Search Engines are free, do a wonderful job, so what more could you ask for? Not a thing, correct? Now suppose you are looking for a widget for your dad, a present for your favorite lady or mother, or something for the children, that’s great. BUT… what if you are a seller or a promoter of the widget? Then what are YOU searching for? WHAT YOU NEED IS TO BE ON THAT FIRST PAGE OF THE SEARCH ENGINE! Correct? [ You bet your buns you are! A typical search will produce about 1+ MILLION results. Normal surfers never change their settings so they see about 10 (That is ten, not 100 or a 1,000) results at a time when searching. So if you are even number 40 out of that 1+ million (and most of the time it’s more like four to five million results) they will have to wade through 3 + pages to get to you, right? They are NOT GOING TO DO THAT! What then do you need to do to get your site or page up to the first page? What I am going to tell you is the truth, cause I did it. This is not a story from “never never land” about the bees and the honey. I did it, I am currently doing it, and I most likely will keep doing it. It took only two (2) days – DAYS – and my blog was listed ON GOOGLE on pages 1-2-3-4! That’s correct, the number one Search Engine… Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Now I can’t prove that I am not lying to you unless you go to my Blog or my site, take down the name, and just do a search for the name, and GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF! How’s that for reality? If you stopped long enough to look, now you know I am not lying. This is how I achieved that. But first, I need you to know that it takes putting your nose to the grindstone and hanging in there. Before I do tell you, I need to say something. Is there a faster way to do it? Yes there is… but it costs a bundle. That faster way is via PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. I will say that if you have money lying around, PPC is a good way to go, IF YOUR PRODUCT IS SELLING!. Getting back to my method. (I can’t claim ownership, but I am getting really good at it.) It is really cheap (FREE!) but eats time. Now don’t go into the “I can’t do that.” “I can’t write well.” “I don’t have anything to write about.” Or any other of a thousand excuses. And you know what? You would be exactly correct. Only you know what you can or cannot do. But what “it” is would be Article Writing. Yes, ARTICLE WRITING… I try to write one article every two days, that’s right, EVERY TWO DAYS! (Now it isn’t sounding that bad, is it?) After having written the article, post it to no less than thirty forums or e-zines, and then start doing it again. They will then put it one the web and you will get almost immediate hits….. And I do mean immediate! Why in the world would I do this you may ask? My answer would be very easy – IT DOESN’T COST ONE RED PENNY! That’s right, 100% FREE… There isn’t any way it could be better than free, right? There are a lot more things you have to know. Things such as: squeeze pages, sign up lists, auto responders, and others but those are for another article. See how this works now? If you are interested, go to my site or Blog and sign up for updates and promotions. If you go right now you will get “Highly Effective Articles”. All I need is your name and email address and I will email it out to you!

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