Modesto California Street sign road sign collection (vid. 1)

21st of April 2010 10

Modesto California Street sign road sign collection (vid. 1)

This is only about half of what I have in the way of street name signs… and that’s ONLY counting half the street name ones… I also have quite a few of other types of signs (one-way, yeild, do not enter, ect…) These are all streets in Modesto Cali, my home town.

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10 great comment(s) for this post

  1. youngchris209 6:03 am 21/04 of 2010

    try to get 1 from linlcon

  2. paperisnice 6:29 am 21/04 of 2010

    could u posted a vid on how to take them of the posts fast??

  3. MightyMoneyTV 7:25 am 21/04 of 2010

    Can I buy one or a couple of these from you? I will be in Modesto next week, can we meet up?

  4. Cboii 8:24 am 21/04 of 2010

    fukkin sorry try to get some from the west u’ll get blasted hahaha

  5. vmethod 9:16 am 21/04 of 2010

    wow you’re so cool…. *rolls eyes*
    I guess that’s what happens when you have no life, you just do things that are retarded.

  6. thefuckinking 9:27 am 21/04 of 2010

    wow ur so bad………………..lame

  7. HHH619Barragan 9:58 am 21/04 of 2010

    u dnt have the one that i live on

  8. ipath432 10:13 am 21/04 of 2010

    Very nice collection i only have 2 street name signs haha but many other regular signs like no parking, yeild etc.

  9. J 12:13 am 17/08 of 2010

    Any chance of being able to borrow some signs for stage decor for a church sermon series?

  10. magnetic signs 7:27 am 19/08 of 2010

    really useful information here.


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