Mum to Be, Baby on Board, you name your sign we can create it for you!

19th of February 2010 0

Mum to Be, Baby on Board, you name your sign we can create it for you!

Are you a Mum to Be or do you carry children in your vehicle. Make sure they are safe with one of our Baby on Board In-Car Safety signs.

They are easy to fit using the included 20mm clear sucker, the signs are available in a wide range of colours or you can custom design your sign for no addiitonal cost.

Baby on Board Signs originated back in 1984 where the first sign was created by a father and son who on a recent trip to Europe had noticed that drivers in Germany were hanging signs from their car to warn other road users to be careful behind the wheel, the original signs were based on the ever so popular yellow and black American road sign.

This seems to be a great way to alert other road users that you have a valuable passenger on board.

Using one of our In-Car Safety signs drivers can be warned visually to take extra special care when approaching the rear of your vehicle thus eliminating tailgating.

The signs are printed using a high quality colour laser printer, the prints are then encapsulated using a 250 micron film, the corners are then rounded off for safety, it is then hole punched and a 20mm clear sucker is inserted for easy mounting. the final trimmed dimensions of the sign is 160mm x 160mm

If require we are able to offer the “In-Car Safety Signs” customised. Maybe you have a home based business and are looking at a cheap and cost effective way to advertise your business no matter what vehicle you are in. Or maybe you have a favourite football team to display there colours and message in your car.

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