NBC Sign-Off

22nd of March 2010 7

NBC Sign-Off

It starts with a promo for “Sabrina” followed by a PSA, Station ID, the sign-off, National Anthem, and Color Bars. Enjoy!

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  1. lollipop1316 3:47 pm 22/03 of 2010

    yeah , hes dead

  2. 678BUMPERLOVER 3:54 pm 22/03 of 2010

    this is what’s going to happen to nbc if they don’t stop letting leno and his big jaw from taking it over with his lame jokes and stupid skits

  3. kambreesuncle2 4:07 pm 22/03 of 2010

    Yes, it was.

  4. SailorCallie 4:10 pm 22/03 of 2010

    That was Buddy Hackett on that anti-smoking PSA, wasn’t it?

  5. Synthpopalooza 5:06 pm 22/03 of 2010

    This version of the national anthem (done on a moog syntheswizer) still puts chills on me 30 years later

  6. kambreesuncle2 5:52 pm 22/03 of 2010

    Yes, I did use WMM.

    I used Paint for the color bars . All I did was copy a frame of color bars from a video to my computer by pressing the button that says “Print Screen”

    I did the same with the NBC logo. I cut the logo pasted on the bars and there ya go.

  7. dianablanton1984 6:06 pm 22/03 of 2010

    Did you use Windows Movie Maker for this video? If so, how did you manage to insert the NBC logo at the bottom of the color bars? I could not do that!

    Good sign-off, and good voiceover work!


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