Neon City

20th of July 2009 23

Neon City

I recommend viewing on high quality. I love neon signs, especially when they are old, creative, distinct. Whether simple or over the top, appropriately placed neon lights the New York City night like a movie location. There is something seedy, lonely about the best neon. It is eerily effective very late at night, when most people are tucked in at home, but the longing heart wanders the city in search of something to light the dark places. Here is some of my favorite neon, accompanied by “Matchstick Life”, a song by an old friend.

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  1. FantasticBabblings 4:33 pm 22/07 of 2009

    Getting old does suck. There are a handful of painted signs on the sides of buildings in New York, but they are fading away, literally and figuratively. Some of them are masterpieces, but alas, it was a different era. thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. TandEeesDad 11:18 pm 23/07 of 2009

    Great video Phil. I really dig neons signs too. It looks like you have a plethora of them in NYC.
    I’m also fond of those old painted signs (pre-billboard era) that you can still find on the occasional building. They’re getting harder to spot (getting old sucks).

    Thanks for posting.


  3. Fringe111 7:05 am 25/07 of 2009

    God I wish lol

  4. DefaultPosition 6:12 pm 27/07 of 2009

    I discovered that using my full real name on this site wasn’t such a clever thing so I ditched it for this alter ego.
    Many thanks for your sub. I enjoy your vids very much.

  5. FantasticBabblings 6:28 pm 29/07 of 2009

    Thanks, Joanie.

  6. FantasticBabblings 1:22 pm 30/07 of 2009

    I went to Clemson University, at the foot of the mountains. I remember roadside shacks with the most elaborate beer signs, especially Budweiser. They were also the prize art displays of dorm rooms and frat houses.

  7. FantasticBabblings 1:14 am 2/08 of 2009

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. FantasticBabblings 8:59 am 4/08 of 2009

    Thanks Robert. It does look good full screen.

  9. FantasticBabblings 4:46 am 6/08 of 2009

    Thanks. I think it is a great piece, but the musician wants to remain anonymous so I can’t promote his music.

  10. FantasticBabblings 6:21 am 8/08 of 2009

    The beauty of physics.

  11. FantasticBabblings 6:04 pm 9/08 of 2009

    I can’t get enough of it. After shooting this video, I notice it even more.

  12. FantasticBabblings 10:54 am 12/08 of 2009

    Eight million now.

  13. FantasticBabblings 7:00 am 14/08 of 2009

    I am a very poor businessman. I just keep plugging away and hope someday I’ll be discovered, videotaping the counter at Schwabb’s :)

  14. FantasticBabblings 1:08 am 15/08 of 2009

    I’m flattered.

  15. FantasticBabblings 7:03 pm 16/08 of 2009

    New York is full of neon. It makes the night time so colorful.

  16. FantasticBabblings 12:31 pm 17/08 of 2009

    The city is right here, waiting for you to come back.

  17. FantasticBabblings 2:29 pm 18/08 of 2009

    Thank you so much.

  18. FantasticBabblings 2:37 pm 18/08 of 2009

    Thanks. I am a sucker for neon.

  19. FantasticBabblings 10:13 pm 19/08 of 2009

    I missed the Expo. I was still asleep. You’re right. All this energy being consumed for sleazy beauty.

  20. FantasticBabblings 11:42 pm 22/08 of 2009

    There are lots of people from Europe here. This is the time to come. Hey Paul. I just realized who you are. Nice to see you again.

  21. Joan3424 10:18 am 24/08 of 2009

    Thanks for the inside look at NYC at night through your eyes :-)

  22. ockteby 12:29 am 27/08 of 2009

    This southern boy’s first experience with New York was December 1964. I gave the bellhop a 50 cent tip, and he gave it back to me. :)

    Kind of tong-in-cheek — I don’t know if he became a rapper, and I defiantly didn’t have on my vagabonds.

    You should see some of the neon’s at old Appalachian mountain beer joints.


  23. SpringDivers 5:53 am 30/08 of 2009

    Nice photo exposé. Thanks. Wayne


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