Escuela de luces de neones para letreros - Neon Lights

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Neon Lights

Neon was discovered by William Ramsay and Morris Travers in the year 1898. Neon is a gas which occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Neon lighting was invented by Georges Claude who showcased his first neon sign at the Paris Exposition held in 1910. Neon lights are used for business, home bars and sports purpose. For business purpose, neon lights are used in fast food outlet, specialty restaurant, café shop, bakery or ice cream parlor. Late night outlets like auto repairs and hotels also use business neon lights to have their places easily visible in the dark as well as lit up. In other stores like pharmacy, medical, convenience and rental also business neon lights are used. Nowadays, sports, arcades, martial arts, massages, palm reading stores etc have started installing business neon signs to promote their goods and services. Neon lights are also used in music and video shop, barber and hair styling shop, pawn shop, shore repair, insurance, lawyers, Laundromats etc.Neon lights are used in beer bar shops and home bars. Many people love to have beer at home. Such people like to display the neon beer sign of their favorite brand at home. You can also possess the sign of other favorite brand like Budweiser, Miller, Coors, and Corona etc. You can install these signs in home bars even if you do not drink these brands. It adds to the décor of the home bar. Home bar is a place where you want things to be decorated according to your taste. You may feel like creating an ambience of a bar. The décor, bar, stools etc can help you in creating that particular atmosphere. A beer lover will love to have his bar decorated with neon beer signs. If you want a neon bar sign at home you can browse the internet to find their cost and where they are available. It is definitely worth possessing a neon beer sign and decorating your home bar with it.Neon lights can be used for football, baseball, basketball and college sports teams’ logos. These sports neon signs can be used in homes, offices or local hangouts. These neon signs have very low energy consumption and can reduce your light bills. These are available in many sizes and colors. These neon lights can be placed in rooms, hall or your garage, home bar, den or your office. If you buy sports neon lights from online stores you can avail them at lower price.

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