A Neon Open Sign can have a huge impact on your small business

16th of May 2010 0

A Neon Open Sign can have a huge impact on your small business

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to draw more people into your store is by putting a simple neon open sign in the front window of your store. You will be surprised how many people don’t stop because they are not sure if you are open or not.

Open Sign Coffee Shop

Most people look for that one indicator before they pull into your parking lot to get out. They want to know if you are open before they get out of their car. Hey lets face it, people like convenience. If someone has to get out of the car to see if you are open you better believe they will just drive on by.

They will go to the next spot that has an open sign letting them know they are open. That means you are losing money. You are letting money slip through your hands because you haven’t invested a couple hundred dollars in a open sign.

What good is your newspaper or radio ad if when people drive by they have no idea if you are open? An open sign is like a invitation. It invites customers and potential buyers into your store. Sometimes it is very hard to tell if a business is open or not. There might not be anyone in the store and the workers could be in the back. The only way a person would know if the store was open is by the open sign that is in the window. That is why it is so important to have an open sign.

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