Commercial neon lighting - Commercial Neon Sign Lighting

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Commercial Neon Sign Lighting

As a business owner, your bread and butter are your customers. The manner in which they find you might vary from advertisements on television to seeing your website on the Internet.

neon signs lights

Once they discover that you exist, they will likely want to visit your office. How will they find you? Will they just drive right by and miss your building? This is why having commercial sign lighting is so important. If you want to draw people off the road and into your front door, a siren call is necessary. Finding the best commercial sign lighting will depend upon your needs, and if you can bring the specifications for your project to an expert, he can help you to make a choice from the myriad of options. After that, it will just be a matter of installing the sign gooseneck lights before your customers begin pouring into your workplace.

How do you want passers-by to see your business? Many companies opt for neon for their commercial sign lighting. While this is a good option for some, it requires a special manufacturing process to shape the tubes to your specifications. Due to their cost, many times, neon lights are used as an accent rather than for the entire sign. If you live in a very cold climate, neon lights will not operate as well during the winter. There are cheaper options that can offer similar brightness to neon signs.

Alternative commercial sign lighting sources to neon are LED lights. These are the newest wave in lighting. They are low voltage, hence energy efficient. Additionally, many LED lights are cheaper to craft to specialty designs because they are manufactured in ropes that can be easily shaped. If you choose red Led’s, their brightness can even rival that of neon. They are also a better option for harsher climates. In fact, they are so useful for winter, and so cost effective that LED lights are also being used for home Christmas lighting displays.

If you want something more practical to light a sign, rather than the artistry of neon or LED, you could choose a bright HID outdoor flood lamp to highlight your business’s sign. If you need the light to reach over something, then a gooseneck light is a viable option for your commercial sign lighting. Depending upon your climate and needs, you can install mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, or halogen light bulbs into these lamps.

Besides bringing attention to your company, commercial sign lighting can also draw attention to the emergency exits. You are required to have all the exits clearly labeled with lit signs to guide people toward the right direction in case of fire or other building evacuations. Emergency lighting is vital for both the safety of your employees and the operation of your business. This is because fire codes will not allow you to remain open unless you have emergency exits properly lit. You do not want to lose business due to closure from a fire code violation. The fire inspector will not forgive even one neglected exit. Make sure that you acquire commercial exit lighting for all the emergency exits to your building.

If you need help in finding the right commercial sign lighting, ask the lighting expert to get the right guidance and advice.

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