neon sign transformer arcs

5th of December 2009 23

neon sign transformer arcs

this is just my 7500v 20ma neon sign transfromer arcing NOTE THIS: im will not be held responsible for any of your stupidity-DONT TRY THIS!!

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  1. zker666 4:58 pm 5/12 of 2009

    oh, and how did all this come up from an NST video LOL

  2. codemsan 4:21 pm 6/12 of 2009

    yeah definately!

  3. zker666 12:14 pm 8/12 of 2009

    yea resonant is like 4000v and not resonant just like 2100v. even lower with ballast. but, yea shit draws power LOL

  4. codemsan 7:13 pm 9/12 of 2009

    yeah i know what you meant, but i meant that i can get the same size arcs as resonant…but i need my own sub-station to do it PAHAH

  5. zker666 10:58 am 12/12 of 2009

    lol i meant 6 volts draw with cap! it draws about 23A with dual stack

  6. codemsan 5:53 pm 12/12 of 2009

    AWW that sucks! yeah, when i susally wire up my MOTs to do 4000V with primaries in parrallel, i draw around 30A of raw power LOL

  7. zker666 10:57 am 13/12 of 2009

    lol yea. my MOT will produce over 1 amp arcs @ 2100v 4000v with a cap. it will draw about 6 amps and burned it out during filming! darn!

  8. codemsan 11:38 am 14/12 of 2009

    i have another, just never made a video of it, why bother? its your basic run-of the-mill NST lol. but if i want big arc ill go with a MOT HAHA

  9. zker666 4:59 pm 16/12 of 2009

    @codemsan, you should consider buying another NST or a cuple more and phase them together so the you would have the same voltage at MUCH higher milliamps and would allow you to arc much bigger! nice nst though

  10. codemsan 12:51 am 18/12 of 2009

    cool! and yeah, i try to do good work with what i have on hand

  11. zker666 5:18 am 20/12 of 2009

    nice! im ordering in my new 12,000 volt NST for my tesla coil and anything else i do with HV! i’ve seen your tesla coil videos and you do some nice work!

  12. codemsan 8:05 pm 21/12 of 2009

    it has 165W of power, so 165VA

  13. HighVoltageScience 6:46 am 22/12 of 2009

    what is the va on your nst

  14. kalebman5000 5:26 am 27/12 of 2009

    i have that same nst, its in one of my vids if you wanna see….

  15. codemsan 12:57 pm 29/12 of 2009

    most likely just get a low voltage/ current out of the MOT…i think i trtied it once lol

  16. HighVoltageScience 5:10 am 1/01 of 2009

    what would happen if you hook up to a mot what i mean is put the out put of the neon transfomer to the in put of a microwave transformer

  17. codemsan 4:01 am 4/01 of 2009

    hahaha nicceee

  18. zker666 9:57 pm 4/01 of 2009

    i have a 15k neon sign transformer with 35mA high frequency and has an arc of over 2 and a half in. and connected to 25v dc. hurts like hell when you touch it. it temporarily paralyzes your hand

  19. codemsan 12:09 am 8/01 of 2009

    nope, just normal 60Hz

  20. form109 11:23 am 9/01 of 2009

    soinds like the NST outputs High Frequency.

  21. EasternCalifornia 12:37 am 11/01 of 2009

    add a capacitor

  22. codemsan 1:19 am 13/01 of 2009

    ya there usually the best place to find old iron core NSTs beacause al the new ones are solid state

  23. codemsan 10:42 pm 14/01 of 2009

    well its about the size of a MOT and yes i bought it off ebay for 20$


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