Neon Sign

27th of January 2010 4

Neon Sign

looking out through the neon sign at Thai Bowl

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4 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Algahaim 10:59 am 1/02 of 2010

    what a marvelous piece of worth… Bravo!

  2. porkinabox 9:20 pm 6/02 of 2010

    i certainly loved watching the reflection of the red light off the window, so it wasnt a complete waste! and the escort driving by totally made my day!

  3. benseese 5:59 am 8/02 of 2010

    Let’s see…
    Value of this clip: $0.00
    Cost to upload: $0.00

    Seems like it was precisely “worth uploading.” Sorry I wasted sixteen seconds of your life.

  4. mrmuttley 9:36 am 11/02 of 2010

    not quite sure what the poster is trying to show us. maybe he/she could enlighten us to why they felt this vid was worth uploading


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