Neon Signs and Business

30th of October 2009 0

Neon Signs and Business

Neon signs are basically a glowing glass tube filled with the gas neon, made it into various shapes, letters and signs. Its origin dates back to 1910, when the neon signs were first introduced by an industrial chemist named Georges Claude in the Paris Motor Show. It soon made its way into almost all industrial countries as businesses in all forms started to use it for promotional purposes and to make boards displaying the shop/business name. In its earlier form, neon signs were only available in hues of read. But, with the advances in chemistry, it was discovered that the color can be influenced by varying the gas mixtures filling the glass tubes. These days, apart from neon, other inert gases such as argon, krypton, xenon, and phosphor and helium are used to produce different colors.

Why neon signs became a hit in a very short span of time worldwide because of the fact that business wanted it badly to promote their purposes, mostly after dark hours, and it was quite cost effective as well unlike the electrically lit lights illuminating the boards. No wonder, businesses, selling fancy cars to beers to electronics goods these days uses neon signs, especially customized ones, to promote or advertise their products and shops.

But, despite the huge popularity and demand for neon signs all over the globe, the most interesting aspect relating to its making is that it is still a hand made vocation. In other words, neon signs are not made using any mechanical or automated means even today. Instead, it is still sort of handicraft, and the only mechanical device used in its making is a vacuum pump, that is used to **** out oxygen and fill it with the respective inert gases to give the desired color. Neon signs, these days, are available in over 150 colors.

There are many makers out there making and selling neon signs – customized and otherwise – at different rates. Customization involves making specific designs plus designing the electric circuitry as well that eventually lights it up. Neon signs are usually designed to flicker systematically or to go on and off in parts in order to catch the human eye. Detailed info on neon sign makers is available in the web. The same also could be fetched from yellow pages ad columns and news paper classifieds on weekends.

Regarding prices, it may vary from maker to maker and also according to the size and shape of the neon sign and the complexity of the electric circuitry design. But comparing the quotes from few players could help one to strike the best deal from the lot. Also, it is advisable to check if the maker offers warranty or extended warranty to the products. If there is any loose end in the electric connections or some issue with the circuit elements, a neon sign may well fail to turn on. So, service warranty is inevitable for neon signs.

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