Neon signs for outdoors

18th of December 2009 0

Neon signs for outdoors

Neon signs are used for business, custom home bars, game rooms, designer shops, retail outlets and other places. These add fun to business and home. Just imagine making your own neon sign to give a glamorous and attractive look to your business or home. You can manipulate with colors, shapes and sizes. The concept of neon signs was discovered by a French astronomer Jean Picard in 1675. The making of neon signs is quiet easy to understand. Hallow glass tube is used to make neon lamps come in 4, 5 and 8 ft lengths. The glass is heated by the lit gas and forced gas to shape the tube. Depending on the glass composition, the working range of glass is from 1600 degree F to over 2200 degree F. The tubes are partially cut while cold with a file and then snapped apart while hot. Then the angles and curves are created. After doing the technical process, a neon sign is created. Neon gas produces red color.

Neon sign is used for advertising your business, be it eatery, parlor, auto parts outlet or grocery shop. Neon signs have various advantages. Neon signs can be operated at low energy costs and has a lower durability. These signs can be used at the entrance or in windows to make customers aware of your wares, thus bringing you more visual attention. These neon lights are visible at bars, night clubs, theatres and lounges. These business neon signs have come a long way from being just some letters to custom made and themed designs. Late night outlets like auto repairs and hotels also use business neon sings to have their places easily visible in the dark as well as lit up. Other stores like pharmacy, medical, convenience and rental also use the same technique to attract customers.

Nowadays sports, arcades, martial arts, massages, palm reading stores etc have installed neon signs to promote their goods and services. Economic and effective, these neon signs have gained huge popularity. These business neon signs are also used in odd places like music and video shop, barber and hair styling shop, pawn shop, shipping, tiling, hardwood, locksmith, shoe repair, photo studio, insurance, lawyers, Laundromats and Drive Through. At online neon store, you can find a wide range of sports neon signs of all your favorite football, baseball, basketball and college sports teams’ logos. These sports neon signs can be used anywhere from your home to your office to your local hangouts.

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