New tech: Plasma Neon Sign

20th of October 2009 3

New tech: Plasma Neon Sign

The Plasma Neon Sign is a state-of-the-art and proprietary product that ETR has developed. It is PDP (Plasma Display Panel) and it is the first of the kind in the world to replace the existing image display market. It consists of two transparent glass plates that display fine graphic images on the both sides of the panel. This product born with a new concept offers unique and professional feature as a display for advertisement, interior decoration, and construction. The Plasma Neon Sign (called PNS hereafter) does not contains mercury. Images are not displayed by means of an indirect illumination method. The graphic images illuminate themselves by means of electric discharging.

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  1. MrUKIDDING 10:35 pm 21/10 of 2009

    Neons look awesome you just cant improve perfection.

  2. neigeblue 3:38 pm 24/10 of 2009

    I bought this plasma sign before. Not very bright, signs cannot be seen during day time. It’s totally unreliable, broke down within few months of use and no support for parts replacement. Not worth it. Stick with standard neon or lightbox better.

  3. stephankrasner 5:38 am 27/10 of 2009

    When you don’t use mercury you loose brilliance (Thus why it was filmed in a dark room). Nothing but LEDs have the power to replace neon. And even LEDs have their limits in terms of aesthetic quality.


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