News nazi zombie reports - News Report on “Nazi Zombies” Traffic Sign

8th of February 2010 19

News Report on “Nazi Zombies” Traffic Sign

WSVN-7 Florida LOL I saw this on the news and I LAUGHED so I had to start recording. It’s good to know that there are Call of Duty World At War fanatics out there taking it to another limit xdd

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19 great comment(s) for this post

  1. kill7567 6:53 pm 9/02 of 2010

    goddamn people dont have a sense of humor

  2. ssonbct07 1:15 am 10/02 of 2010

    i kno treyarch prolly payed sum1 2 do it..
    dey didnt put cod waw cuz police wuld knw

  3. xGuitarNinja 2:40 pm 11/02 of 2010

    Or people unaware of what a video game is…
    People take shit too serious =.=

  4. localryan 5:23 am 13/02 of 2010

    wat the hell r they bitching about??? no1 is really gonna get in a accident if they see a hilarious sign…unless they r retarded drivers

  5. creultothedarkness 7:20 am 13/02 of 2010

    Genius!!! haha Xx

  6. stuntmanssp 10:42 am 16/02 of 2010

    lol I seen one before

  7. Rileyhueyb 11:25 am 17/02 of 2010

    thats beast

  8. jonathanmgarcia 8:23 am 18/02 of 2010

    publicity for cod 5!!

  9. GodofPwning 5:48 am 20/02 of 2010

    go Call of Duty all the way!

  10. D00dle15 7:39 pm 20/02 of 2010

    lol cod 5, ftw

  11. kuwaimaha 8:37 am 24/02 of 2010

    people with distaste??? lol whut a killjoy

  12. Odinhalo117 5:12 am 27/02 of 2010

    do they even know its from cod? lmao

  13. ShirleyPeanut 6:04 am 1/03 of 2010

    omfg hakx0rs

    its not hacking its password guessing i would presume

  14. liverwort4600 10:30 am 4/03 of 2010

    Come on, if the video quality is THAT BAD, just post the audio portion!

  15. 232K7 8:10 pm 7/03 of 2010

    i remember seeing this on the news last week

  16. blackops752 5:37 am 8/03 of 2010

    sick! thats cool!

  17. luvluvdoc 10:22 pm 9/03 of 2010

    o yeah i saw this but i didnt get 2 watch it lol 4 awhile i thought it was real zombies until i noticed it said nazi zombies lolXD

  18. MajorState 2:49 am 15/03 of 2010

    That’s pretty cool i hope they hack it again!

  19. oMuziico 5:52 am 22/03 of 2010

    lmfaooo wicked


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