News Reporter: 0 Street Sign: 1

2nd of March 2009 21

News Reporter: 0 Street Sign: 1

A news reporter walks into a street sign while reporting a story on live TV.

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21 great comment(s) for this post

  1. DDRUTOU 8:34 pm 5/03 of 2009


  2. preston2009bigtings 7:51 pm 6/03 of 2009

    fucking hell lmao

  3. Aoscaden 7:56 am 13/03 of 2009

    LOL “OH GOD!” hahah

    Not fake, I’m sorry.

  4. Smexyboy14 7:45 am 14/03 of 2009

    hahahahah didnt expect dat

  5. NerosMind 12:59 am 17/03 of 2009

    Yeah, and your comment were so much better!

    Damn funny video though. xD

  6. 21leftcenter 10:04 pm 20/03 of 2009

    you’re just a clueless bedwetter who wouldn’t know funny if it jumped up and tickled you on your hairy plumber’s crack.

  7. SuperBEARio 8:15 pm 23/03 of 2009

    this is one of the most funnyyest things i have seen in my life and i have no idea why….
    my sense of humor is quite sick=[

  8. SuperBEARio 1:17 pm 26/03 of 2009

    wtf what r u on?

  9. LtakeOanotherVlookE 9:27 pm 27/03 of 2009

    lol this doesnt look fake to me. He didnt flinch at all, and the hit looked pretty hard.

  10. Dragilth 11:08 am 28/03 of 2009

    Because that comment made perfect sense and wasn’t totally retarded, right?

  11. christhomasatanasov 9:40 pm 29/03 of 2009

    lol the comments ppl r making r so stupid

  12. owensdevone 8:52 pm 31/03 of 2009

    did u hear him say”oh,god “at the end?

  13. DamienStryker 7:03 pm 1/04 of 2009

    Ya know… it doesn’t make it any less funny… o_o;

  14. Warior79 7:17 am 2/04 of 2009

    I think you are retarded because you don’t think it’s funny

  15. a55kiker 12:22 pm 4/04 of 2009

    Your comment was not good. It was great. Whats good about it is that you thought it was great. Your great goodness!

  16. 21leftcenter 9:07 am 6/04 of 2009

    it’s not funny. it’s retarded. what’s funny is retards like you who think it’s funny. you funny retards.

  17. Warior79 12:31 pm 8/04 of 2009

    what does it matter if it’s fake or not? the important thing is that it’s funny

  18. daulkner 11:15 am 11/04 of 2009

    ya this is fake it is a commercial for another company. i have seen it on tv, and usually another ad comes up right after he hits the pole

  19. CroRuption 8:51 am 13/04 of 2009

    was it you?

  20. 21leftcenter 1:25 pm 14/04 of 2009

    this is fake!!!! are all you stupid crackheads that stupid that you think it’s real? i hate you all for being so stupid!!!! stop being so stupid!!!! bunch of stupid ass clowns!!!!!!

  21. tigerfan98 10:20 pm 14/04 of 2009

    that was from a commercial dumbo!


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