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19th of October 2009 0

No Nonsense Places to Advertise With Your Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs and banners are often underappreciated but very effective marketing materials. Signs made with this kind of material provide you with very graphic displays that help to promote your business or product.

When using vinyl, you must keep in mind that you are dealing with a very versatile material. It is flexible which means that is can serve or fulfill a variety of demands. How you wield this print is truly, entirely up to you. But for everything else, remember that another key factor to using vinyl prints is not just what is printed on it, but where you place it.

Here are some suggestions on where or how you can place them and attract the public’s eyes:

1. On billboards as large format posters. Vinyl allows for printing of very vivid pictures that can be appreciated even at very long distances. This kind of wide exposure and visibility makes large format signs and banners a definite must so as to increase your target audience.

The difference in picture quality and color will make your banner edge out the usual display signs and advertisements that can be seen on the billboards.

2. On places where there are very high steps or footfalls. When people are going up or going down through a staircase, they will almost certainly look at the direction where they are heading to. When they are going up they look up. When they are going down, they look down.

Take advantage of this no-nonsense fact by putting your vinyl signs or banners on places that are adjacent to the stairs. Now, people have no choice but to look at your sign every time they go up or down those stairs.

3. Hang them on poles. Think of flags in a flagpole. Use signs with both sides printed on to for better effect. Vinyl banners are very resilient to wear and tear. It is protected against ultraviolet radiation and generally will not easily tear apart even after exposure to sunlight and radiation.

Vinyl is also water resistant so even if it rains, you can be sure that your banner can easily repel water. It is also generally fade resistant allowing for a very long life even after going against the elements.

Poles are very effective because they can reach audiences that are both near and far. Banners can be stretched and hung across large areas such as stadiums, courts and so on. And with pole stitching, you can even hang them overhead. Hang banners is large open or closed areas such as auditoriums and so on.

4. Attach them on glass windows. Stickers are not the only ones that can be used on glass windows. Vinyl banners can also be attached on glass windows using vinyl adhesives. Position it well and it would serve as both an advertisement and decoration in one.

With an adhesive vinyl, you can decorate the window both inside and out. Vinyl adhesives come in either opaque or clear stocks. People will surely be surprised and interested when they see your glass window banner on both sides.

5. Where people often queue up for lines. Places like department store cashiers come to mind here. The people here are waiting for their turn and are forced to stay put.

Place your signs near these places. Banner stands are great for open areas while mounting your vinyl banner can easily be set up on walls. This makes your audience captive and your vinyl signs one advertisement that is sure not to be missed.

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