Obama Yard Signs Being Torched in St. Peters MO

12th of November 2009 24

Obama Yard Signs Being Torched in St. Peters MO

My neighbors and I recently had our obama yard signs torched to the ground here in the St. Louis suburb of St. Peters MO. Serious intimidation?

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  1. 91tt300zx 8:48 am 12/11 of 2009

    st.peters PD *****…..but at least u dont have to deal with the county brownies

  2. masterdrew17 9:57 pm 12/11 of 2009

    I agree with the above person, I think alot of people were brainwashed into voting for him, Obama works for the same people as bush its proven fact, he’s done nothing but opposite of what he said he was going to do, look up the obama deception, I’m neither republican or democrat.

  3. JatThePK 10:48 pm 15/11 of 2009

    What neighborhood is this? I live in STP, too. Sorry about what happened.

  4. dysphonix 2:30 pm 17/11 of 2009

    I called him a ****** NOT because of his idiotic statements here, but because of his homepage, take a look…

    oh and you should take a grammar class…

  5. ScareTax 1:47 pm 18/11 of 2009

    Why is that you think if somebody doesnt like Obama there racist

  6. Miketothejones 5:25 am 21/11 of 2009

    how does that have to do with the KKK, you are fucking brainwashed for voting for O-dumb-ass!! Obama is also white dumbfuck! Maybe i burned down your signs what are you gonna do about it *****!

  7. dysphonix 7:56 pm 22/11 of 2009

    Spoken like a true klansmen. I’d like for you to put actions behind your cowardice words. I’ll be waiting for you.

  8. Miketothejones 3:37 am 24/11 of 2009

    Burn Baby Burn! :)

  9. DeltaTutorials 1:09 am 27/11 of 2009

    Wow i **** people like you. We should draft your *** to iraq

  10. tbmore59 3:10 am 29/11 of 2009

    you can start having the ghetto move into your house because you don’t deserve to live in it.

  11. josephgrovers 7:41 am 1/12 of 2009

    i suppose you like to have our country in a terrible economy and terrible state, **** you

  12. G2PxxJACOBxx 2:58 am 4/12 of 2009

    Haha.Good for them, and **** Obama.

  13. robh64 10:44 am 7/12 of 2009

    why would you vote for obama-one big *** mistake america

  14. impersonator280 6:41 am 10/12 of 2009

    Does anybody care? **** you and Obama, we’ll kill all ya motherfuckers!

  15. HaloRoxMySox47 7:17 pm 10/12 of 2009

    StPeters? coll my cousin lives there

  16. dysphonix 11:00 pm 12/12 of 2009

    Great comment, douchebag…

  17. FireThunderTV 1:30 am 14/12 of 2009

    Aaaaaahahahahahahahah! RoFLoL!!!!

  18. dysphonix 3:15 am 16/12 of 2009

    Umm..okaaaay…..come back when your synapses finally fire….and when you grow some pubes….

  19. Gentner24 10:13 am 16/12 of 2009

    HAHAHA! Great! I dont know why all these obama lovers would even search for anything close to “burning obama signs”

  20. dysphonix 10:33 am 18/12 of 2009

    Hahahahahah!! Hilarious…

    No one gives a crap about my opinion? So why did you take the time to type up this little grammatically impaired paragraph? You cared enough to waste your precious time away from American Idol to write me ;)

    PS, you live in a 4D world, not 3D….you dumb little girl….

  21. DOUBEARH 8:41 pm 19/12 of 2009

    WOW, you are you lame and pathetic somone burnt down your friggin’ sign! who gives a crap?! maybe that experience should tell you to keep your opinion to yourself, cause seriously no one cares who your voting for and if your your age you sholdn’t really be making a video about that cause no one cares you old guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way your neighbor “John” is just as stupid as you with his retardo bluetooth!!!!! GET SOMETHING BETTER TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. sliprydick 11:34 pm 21/12 of 2009

    this along with the comments shows what republicans are really like. i did not put up my obama sign because i know the redneck violent hateful republicans where i live are dangerous and i have my family to think about. hell with republicans.

  23. superspammer69 1:25 am 26/12 of 2009

    who gives a **** ur not a rebel

  24. TJSHomeMovies 1:44 pm 27/12 of 2009

    sorry that happened. I have lived in st peters as a kid and it ***** to see that so many dumb-ass live there now. fyi go here if you want to see st peters in 1977 (surprise spencer creek)


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