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Open Signs

Signs are everywhere! The world is filled with signs of all sorts and sizes and no matter where you go you are bound to run into a sign of one sort or another. Whether they are traffic signs, open signs, or name signs there are signs all around us that seek to convey some sort of information to us. They are an important part of the modern world and things would be a little more dangerous and confusing if it was not for the presence. But while there are many different signs, not all of them are as effective as they would like to be.

An effective sign has to be visible, eye-catching and informative all at the same time. That is a pretty tall order when you consider that most people filter out anything that does not currently fit into their frame of reference. Most signs use three things to help get their message across to the people that they need to inform. These three things are shape, color, and message. When used together correctly they can turn ordinary open signs into signs that not only tell you a place is open but literally seems to draw you into the doors at the same time.

Shape is most evident when you look at traffic signs. The specific shapes of the various signs are important in two ways. In the first instance they make it easy to remember a sign. Many people think of a stop sign when they see an octagon even if the sign is not red or does not have the word ‘STOP’ painted on it. Shapes also help to draw more attention. Most traffic signs use a triangle with the point either up or down. People become used to the one configuration so when they see the opposite, they stop and pay attention. While mostly used by traffic signs, even open signs and name signs can use different shapes to attract attention.

Color and information are linked with many signs. Open signs, for example, convey the simple information that the place of business is open. Some do with simple coloring and lettering, but others can use interesting coloring and lettering to draw attention to the fact. Color can also help to suggest the importance of a sign. Bright colors are usually considered more important like the red stop sign, while cooler colors are more informative and is not considered to be necessary information like a blue handicapped parking sign. The use of words versus pictures is also important. While words can convey more information, pictures can sometimes communicate faster than words.

From open signs to traffic signs, signs are a part of the world we live in today. We use them to get around, to find out where we are, and to figure out what we need to be doing. Their shape, color, and information all play a role in whether we heed them or ignore them. Whether they warn us about traffic, try to advertise or simply seek to tell us where the restrooms are, signs are very important.

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