Outdoor digital road signs - Outdoor Digital Signage ? When Is A Sign A Sign?

23rd of April 2010 1

Outdoor Digital Signage ? When Is A Sign A Sign?

Signs are all around us and they are instructing us to do something, whether we agree or not sometimes we have to comply. From street signs to dynamic signs they are getting us to do something.

From road signs that are coloured red in the United Kingdom command you to do something, such as “Stop” and give way to other vehicles. A green traffic light means go and so on.

Like road signs digital signage is used to show us the difference between a Latte and an Americano in a café, again it is used in sports retailers to show the winning team playing soccer, football or rugby then linking nicely to current promotions on the relevant sports strips. These signs have one thing in common they are telling you “to buy our products”.

However there are occasions they are not used in this way…when they are used for internal corporate communications, such as encouraging staff to donate to charity projects such as the devastation of Haiti, they can also be used to congratulate a colleague who has won a major project or secured a new contract.

Digital signage can be used for:

So as you can see from the above information they are all signs from road signs to retail outlets they are all asking for our co-operation. Some like speeding signs we reluctantly comply with, but if we ignore them the consequences are too large.

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  1. Robert Gentle 11:46 am 10/05 of 2010

    Cool post !! dude .Very useful information, I am very glad reading this article that it gave me strong influence on Digital Signage as well as on my business promotions.


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