Outdoor Sign Lighting Does Not Need To Be Blinding

17th of November 2009 0

Outdoor Sign Lighting Does Not Need To Be Blinding

There are many instances when outdoor sign lighting can be distracting to the point of being intrusive, especially to motorists and neighbors. Choosing the right method of illumination however, can make outdoor sign lighting considerably less blinding and with proper planning and right fixture, can be less expensive to operate.

Many signs have a translucent backing with internal lighting shining through to show what is on the sign through backlighting. Others may have flood lights mounted on the top of the sign, with the light directed to sign’s face while still others use a landscape post to attach a light on the ground point to the sign. Ones with especially bright lights may do a great job as outdoor sign lighting, but can blind drivers approaching from the opposite direction.

Many commercial business turn off their outdoor sign lighting when the business closes however, there are some that leave them on throughout the night as a form of advertising. This can be an expensive proposition and many businesses are looking for ways to reduce energy costs while still maintaining their level of outdoor sign lighting. Switching to low voltage lighting or even to solar power lighting can be an option to help reduce costs.

New Sign May Be Time For Alternative

When the time comes to install as new sign, it may be the perfect opportunity to change the outdoor sign lighting system for a more economical alternative. Businesses that want their sign lighted throughout the night, may want to consider solar powered lights. The cost of operating them is basically nothing as they are battery powered with the batteries recharged by the sun. Since no electricity is used, there is no power cost.

Some outdoor sign lighting systems are considered hybrids with electricity being used whenever the batteries are not charged enough to power the light. This may happen during cloudy days when there is not enough sunlight to adequately charge the batteries in solar powered outdoor sign lighting. They can automatically switch to electric power or can be designed to use the electric to recharge the battery when the sun cannot be seen.

Low voltage systems for outdoor sign lighting are also available, but should be close to the transformer supplying the low voltage current to account for voltage loss. Larger wires can be used to reduce the loss, but when the light is more than 100-feet from the power supply, there is a chance of losing enough power to make the light appear dull and almost burned out.

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