Pass Your Driving Test: Traffic signs, etc.

13th of December 2009 17

Pass Your Driving Test: Traffic signs, etc.

Pass Your Driving Test — a DVD from Gerry Brennan School of Motoring that can help you to pass your driving test in the United Kingdom, first time. Produced and directed by Iain McGuinness.

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17 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Busher50 3:26 am 16/12 of 2009

    at 1:22 that means theres lots buses around and bikes etc.. so be careful

  2. Minan3 3:54 am 17/12 of 2009

    i ace the vision and sign test but then the last one got me twice

  3. ladysus973 7:37 pm 17/12 of 2009

    This was very helpful, im taking my test this friday

  4. PurpleGothFreak 2:10 am 19/12 of 2009

    this was helpful cuz Im learning how to drive and im having trouble staying in between the lines.

  5. qd11856 1:23 am 22/12 of 2009

    i would say its the concept if you get into hydroplaning. if you are hydro planing your are literally skimmy on top of the water in which you can slide everywhere. to do this you let go of the gas dont press the break and wait till your tires are back onto the road then drive normally.

  6. smiflatrice 7:35 pm 22/12 of 2009

    Then there is a question about the roads being wet n i neva get that 1 right does any body know what to do if the roads are wet what to do? (alabam n Georgia) test

  7. 11092202 5:44 am 25/12 of 2009

    damn my theory test is on 23rd of april see wht hppn coze dis tym i dnt wanna fail

  8. Zlyzer 10:23 am 27/12 of 2009

    Does the petrol tank not qualify as an explosive? HURRR

  9. Zlyzer 5:28 pm 27/12 of 2009

    This is for the UK..

  10. knokout1 1:45 pm 28/12 of 2009

    weird was this a different country(than USA) because driving was on left and lanes were opposite but that might be just for america =)

  11. 07mazeyd 3:04 pm 29/12 of 2009

    THANKS,Quite alot of usefull stuff on here that i have learnt that i didnt know before. that is good because i have booked my theory and i was never too good with road signs cheers! :)

  12. iainmcguinness 2:37 am 31/12 of 2009

    This is true.

  13. xxblueogre 12:41 am 3/01 of 2009

    lol no veichles carrying explosives XD that sign should be every were

  14. EvilGenius255 3:24 am 4/01 of 2009

    its kinda hard to read cuz the writing is so tiny. but otherwise helpful.

  15. Soymilllk 3:57 am 7/01 of 2009

    the last part was really well-explained.

  16. wimpie25 2:50 pm 10/01 of 2009

    Left hand drivings stays weird to me.

  17. muslimsouljas786 12:06 pm 12/01 of 2009



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