Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides

2nd of February 2010 25

Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides

Let us now bullet-point our praise for Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein, two Tokyo-based architects who have turned PowerPoint, that fixture of cubicle life, into both art form and competitive sport. Their innovation, dubbed pecha-kucha (Japanese for “chatter”), applies a simple set of rules to presentations: exactly 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. That’s it. Say what you need to say in six minutes and 40 seconds of exquisitely matched words and images and then sit the hell down. The …

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  1. General666999 6:43 pm 4/02 of 2010

    i have to present pucha kucha next week for my marketing class :( i dont like this style at all….

  2. chinarut 10:38 pm 5/02 of 2010

    wow – thanks for sharing this video! convinced this is gonna be my 6 min presentation for my PR class – go Johnny! ;-)

  3. shysix 11:23 am 8/02 of 2010

    So you think pecha kucka is a potentially “One Trick Fits All” strategy which is essentially and generally less effective than what Danial Pink thinks?

  4. VSBarneyTheDinosaur 9:46 pm 9/02 of 2010

    There is no such thing as a One Trick Fits All scenario.

  5. watzegjemedaarnouvan 1:27 pm 10/02 of 2010

    Okay silly me that didn´t check who you were. For the rest of it: I disagree. I find no reason to defend myself. Have a great weekend.

  6. theTosh 2:25 am 13/02 of 2010

    I don’t think you know how YouTube works. I didn’t post the video. It’s not my presentation. Read those last two sentances again. Then have a think about my comment on intelligence.

  7. watzegjemedaarnouvan 6:54 am 13/02 of 2010

    This is not about winning and loosing. I think your reaction is hillarious. You are taking my remark personally in stead of merely going on discussing what signs should do and shouldn\t do. This is not about what I am like, or who you are. I was interested in discussing the (mis)use of signs. Your presentation was not bad at all. Signs ARE for everyone. They are also a controlling tool. Critique is good for us, your presentation and me. And also for society. You may disagree. Fine.

  8. theTosh 2:08 am 16/02 of 2010

    Good – you lost.

  9. watzegjemedaarnouvan 4:52 am 16/02 of 2010

    I rest my case.

  10. theTosh 3:05 am 18/02 of 2010

    If you cannot see that’s you are being a hypocrite then you have no hope. I am arguing your opinion is wrong and you should check your thinking otherwise you run the risk of assumed intelligence. If you’ve taken that personally – too bad. you’ve just confirmed what I thought. you are a bit too emiotnally sensitive to pass judgement. Signs are for everyone not just one person.

  11. watzegjemedaarnouvan 12:06 pm 18/02 of 2010

    I think you are displaying not being able to take critique seriously and respectfully. It means you do not respect your subject either. That is a shame. To direct people in such ways as in some of your examples can be to belittle people, at the least. I think it will not help this world at all. I am not attacking you as a person, but you are doing so towards me. That is a terrible thing to do, and you might want to ask yourself if you belong to “those who know how to behave”.
    Good luck.

  12. theTosh 7:53 pm 18/02 of 2010

    ‘We’ are not intelligent people. There are intelligent people who know how to behave. However, the experience can be improved for those who are more likely not to follow these rules by these types of signs. If you think this is ‘manipulating’ then you might not be as intelligent as you think.

  13. watzegjemedaarnouvan 5:29 am 21/02 of 2010

    I am sorry, but I would like signs more creative and not (almost) emotionally manipulating all the time, like in your examples. We are intelligent people, do we really need to have social ground rules pointed out and explained these ways? That´s a terrible thing really.

  14. Wulfereene 10:22 am 24/02 of 2010

    Thank your for that example, I just heared about PK and wanted to find out more, and your presentation is a good demonstration. But it also points out a problem of the method: When there is a strong connection between the explanation and the images, the presentation suffers badly when the speaker lags behind. It needs very precise timing, otherwise the people get really irritated when you still talk about the last slide and already show the next one.

  15. macscotchale 8:59 pm 24/02 of 2010

    good talk, but

    it’s not “peh-CHAch-ka”
    but rather “peh-CHAK-cha

  16. TheVirtualOne 4:35 pm 25/02 of 2010

    Thanks! I love learning new strategies and this is new for me! I love it and I can’t wait to use it!

  17. jeffkorhan 4:40 pm 27/02 of 2010

    This is how Powerpoint should be used. I don’t personally adhere to the time limit per slide. However, the point of letting the image silently “speak” WITH the speaker – not in place of – is what this presentation skill is all about in my mind. Jeff Korhan

  18. blackhairlily 2:54 am 1/03 of 2010

    woohoo.just upload my first clip Pecha Kucha presentation!!! i am excited LOL.

  19. 54Plasma 4:34 am 4/03 of 2010

    Hey there
    I’m currently across from the UK working in DC for a month, and was interested to learn you are also here. Do some presentation work myself and loved both your talk and content.

  20. vanchunyin 3:50 am 7/03 of 2010

    Thank you very much, that gave me an idea how I’m going to prepare and what I should put into my Pecha Kucha presentation.

  21. bradiscool500 7:53 am 8/03 of 2010

    remember there were 8 minute abs, then 7 minute abs? well, i’ve invented 18 slides shown for 18 seconds each. go fuck yourselves, 20 slides for 20 seconds! haha

  22. WealthyLiving 11:56 am 10/03 of 2010

    no. thank you for pointing that out

  23. jdm1051 7:42 pm 10/03 of 2010

    Is “Fundamental” supposed to be misspelled?

  24. WealthyLiving 2:13 am 14/03 of 2010

    This was my introduction to Pecha Kucha and I loved it. The subject matter had a lot to do with that though. Great job!
    On another note, my vid titled “Reading is Fundemental” clearly isn’t Pecha Kucha. Since I’m not familiar with this topic, does anyone know if that particular video falls into any presentation classification?

  25. spiraltraining 8:55 am 17/03 of 2010

    Just posted a video response … you say towards the start of your video, Daniel, that doing a PK on PK is too post-modern for you…… so I got all post modern and did it instead! Thanks for inspiring me!


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