Pedestrian Danger in Dublin

19th of October 2009 17

Pedestrian Danger in Dublin

Video of the dangerous placement of advertising signs in Dublin … dublin bike scheme. JC Decaux pedestrian safety

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  1. DangerinDublin 4:25 pm 20/10 of 2009

    There was a video response from some injured. It has been removed…hmm

  2. AodhMacG 11:28 am 22/10 of 2009

    Hmmm…. but has anyone actualy been injured as a result of these signs, now that would make me want 2 do something about them!

  3. BLynchCAN 7:37 pm 24/10 of 2009

    Sack them and have them criminally charged.

  4. justinmason23 5:50 pm 25/10 of 2009

    I hate these awful signs.

    There’s another one at the junction of the Tolka Valley Road and the N2 which is perfectly positioned over the bike lane, at head height. Genius.

  5. PollenB 4:43 pm 27/10 of 2009

    I dont know how I hit that pedestrian but for some reason I’m dying for a Big Mac!!

  6. conical25 1:31 am 30/10 of 2009

    Well done. The positioning of these signs is astoundingly bad. There is another sign at the junction outside the front door of DIT Aungier St. I pass this point quite often and it is already hairy enough between pedestrian. cyclists and traffic. The sign now blocks the view of where people lock their bikes and pedestrians cut across towards the college. It’s only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

  7. multikev 4:05 am 1/11 of 2009

    Who should we write to or contact about this?

    It’s a terrible mistake!

  8. moviesireland 2:03 pm 1/11 of 2009

    There is one on Liffey Street outside Marks and Spencers that was causing a bottle neck on the street, people were falling over each other trying to avoid it. Was amazed to see it, am shocked by these other ones!

  9. rasherst 1:21 am 2/11 of 2009

    Very well done. If only there were more people like you in this fair city. 100%

  10. achtungjackass 4:01 pm 2/11 of 2009

    Great work!

  11. videoist 8:17 am 5/11 of 2009

    fair play for highlighting this.

  12. 528zod 4:37 am 8/11 of 2009

    Well highlighted,hope your successful in there early removal, before a fatality occurs.

  13. messengercontacts 1:24 am 9/11 of 2009

    Thay are selling our streets

  14. DangerinDublin 1:42 pm 10/11 of 2009

    Always someone who wants to knock people who care enough to do something. I like to think we prevented a fatality. And we did that by sending an email!

    What are you doing to make Dublin safer?

  15. gerseery 10:46 pm 12/11 of 2009

    I think there are bigger dangers in Dublin. Advertising signs not being on the top of the list !!!

  16. MuckingFassive 12:24 pm 15/11 of 2009

    Good work and well done. Design that is ugly and dangerous, what gobsh*tes

  17. trontsephore 12:17 am 19/11 of 2009

    Great work. I had to push a buggy past that sign on Dorset street. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. And then it was gone! Well done!!!


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