Phasing Neon Sign Transformers for Tesla Coil Use Part-2

8th of January 2010 11

Phasing Neon Sign Transformers for Tesla Coil Use Part-2

How to connect Neon Sign Transformers in parallel-phased arrays for use in amateur Tesla Coil power supplies.

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11 great comment(s) for this post

  1. tesladude19 8:23 pm 10/01 of 2010

    it didnt hurt, it didnt burn me, but it scared the livin shit out of me, and ive nvr made tht mistake again lol

  2. o0JohnnyReb0o 11:04 am 11/01 of 2010

    Did it hurt very much ? Did it burn you ?

  3. yosip1115 5:11 am 12/01 of 2010

    you said to write in, and I would love to see some good videos on MOTs, none of the stupid squeeky kids doing it.

  4. tesladude19 7:06 am 12/01 of 2010

    yeah ive got a 9000 volt 30ma nst and i was busy doin stuff one day and plugged it in to play around with the sparks for a little bit and i forgot to unplug it and went to grab it (using both hands) and shocked the shit out out of me i got lucky big time as it only takes 6ma to kill ya i have nvr left it plugged in since. so yeah BE CAREFUL it only takes once

  5. triggerhappy77707 11:38 pm 14/01 of 2010

    For your own safety. I do respect you guys and appreciate concern, but this should be directed to those people that do things the stupid way, not a certain age group. I know a few people around my age that have pole pigs, and they are all very smart. I dont think they would shock themselves. Also, some of us young ones have better tesla coils than old people cause people like me have tons of time XD.

    Not trying to complain to the point that people think i am retarded, but….

  6. triggerhappy77707 4:57 am 15/01 of 2010

    Well, i am one of those 15 year olds. Does this suddenly mean i am incapable of doing things that are thought to be only for ‘adults’? I started with bug zapper transformer, then nst then MOT then pig. I was not necessarily as safe as i could have been back then, but i have gotten a bit better. 16 year olds can drive legally. That is much more dangerous! More % people die in car wrecks than pole pig accidents. Driving you have to worry about other people, pigs you are fully responsible

  7. aonomus 9:21 pm 16/01 of 2010

    And one last addendum, a more comprehensive HV safety demo video would include the obligatory frying of hotdogs under NST, MOT, regular AC, and things like capacitor banks (since the low voltage is, as you mentioned deceptively safe). Safety warnings regarding scrounging parts from TVs, monitors, microwaves, etc would be another topic to cover.

  8. aonomus 7:05 am 19/01 of 2010

    To be polite, you could have handled the safety section more politely, as some people may feel that your comments right around 1:50-3:00 are fine, but the stuff after that might make people feel that your comments are directed towards them, discouraging more activity in our science of interest.

    Now if members of The Geek Group are objective and take feedback, this comment will stand since it is well thought out. This *is* on behalf of a few people that I know and sent this video to me.

  9. dercebe 1:26 pm 21/01 of 2010

    Very good work. Though I learned how to do this years ago, I still watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it. I really like the way you explain, I wish I could make videos like this one.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. httprover 5:43 pm 23/01 of 2010

    Yeah. I accidentally brushed up against a 400 V power supply one time and the screw driver in my other hand went flying across the room with a will of its own.

  11. 100xBob 2:49 am 26/01 of 2010

    Nice! Good information.


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