Steelers superbowl riot - pittsburgh steelers superbowl win riot: guy tries to take down street sign part 2!!!!

9th of May 2010 20

pittsburgh steelers superbowl win riot: guy tries to take down street sign part 2!!!!

pittsburgh steelers superbowl win riot!!!!! stupid guy gets arrested in oakland for taking down a street sign…kind of pathetic, but hilarious.

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  1. cmpdas 2:44 pm 9/05 of 2010

    the joy of being stupid and drunk; I saw a guy climb a tree after a Michigan game to celebrate then he fell out of the tree and almost died.

  2. Joe39275 2:53 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Woo this kid lives on my floor!

  3. MrExnihilo 2:57 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Not that you would find bad fans in Oakland, Baltimore, Cleveland…


    Lots of jealousy here about the Steelers winning SB 43, I see.

    Loving it.

  4. 1bird86 3:40 pm 9/05 of 2010

    What a fucking retard. Hope the cops got this. Why tear a sign down. I hope Steeler fans aren’t this fucking stupid!

  5. xCTx13 4:30 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Then they complain having to pay somekind of new tax to fix everything after assholes have to act like this. I hate people that act like this. Just go out into the street and have some beer and scream till you loss your voice.

  6. chiltonj 5:23 pm 9/05 of 2010

    As a Steeler fan, I am very embarrassed. This kid is a complete idiot.

  7. AllBusiness37 5:51 pm 9/05 of 2010

    As a Pitt student, I’d just like to say that all of my classmates are total morons, especially this kid. I hope his mommy and daddy cut off his meal plan for this.

  8. lpoolswim500 6:50 pm 9/05 of 2010

    you bet!

  9. i8asnail 7:29 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Believe it or not, I know that guy and he wasn’t drunk. He just had mob mentality really bad.

  10. JoeNJ1 7:34 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Do all you fckers do that in every city or just Pennsyltucky? That’s the exact same move they did during the Phillies riots here last year!

  11. Jason791 8:32 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Thats from drinkin all dat Arrrnnnnn city yinz were drinkin lol

  12. Bigaldark 8:40 pm 9/05 of 2010

    I have to agree this is a little over the top. I am born and rasied 20 min outside of pittsburgh. Run into the street, yell, scream, light your own couch on fire, but why destroy property? Anyway, STEELERS 6x SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!!

  13. knight6 8:51 pm 9/05 of 2010

    congratulations steelers. good old PA. first the phillies, then the steelers.

  14. caal1028a 9:09 pm 9/05 of 2010

    This makes me sick. I’m from Pittsburgh and a resident of the college that this happened at, and and avid Steelers fan. Assholes like this made our school look like a bunch of drunken shitheads last night and there was absolutely no reason for it. Why do you have to try to destroy the city that I live in because a goddamned football team won a 60-minute game?! Come on people, get a fucking life.

  15. TempestAriel 9:23 pm 9/05 of 2010

    Hahahah! I remember this guy. The police got him.

  16. PittsburghDefender 9:51 pm 9/05 of 2010

    damn this person must of been shootin this right next to me

  17. b4evonet 10:19 pm 9/05 of 2010

    what a dumbass
    Real Steeler fans dont riot we celebrate

  18. ginapink301 11:18 pm 9/05 of 2010

    i love when steelers win the superbowel. this is one of the reasons

  19. davidm8985 11:20 pm 9/05 of 2010

    this is stupid

  20. 8752235 11:34 pm 9/05 of 2010

    now what is the point of that that win you beat a sign

    go steelers


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