Plant Company Signs Up With Centrifuge Manufacturers

3rd of December 2009 0

Plant Company Signs Up With Centrifuge Manufacturers

The specialist washing arm of the Finlay Group has secured a sole distribution agreement with Italian Centrifuge manufacturers, Baioni.


APS now markets the Baioni’s Centrifugal Decanter Systems – first showcased to the UK market at Hillhead in 2007 – across the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Capable of reclaiming both water and solids from quarry effluent that is generated from aggregate-waste washing plants, the Centrifuge Decanter System enables quarry or waste transfer operators to reclaim inherent solids, then recycle and reuse water immediately – eliminating the use of large settlement lagoons usually associated with the usual quarry-based washing plants.


The system has been developed over an 11 year period specifically for quarry, sand and gravel and reclaimed material applications, and has proved to be very popular in Italy and worldwide.


APS is marketing three specific models the Baidec 65, 65L and 80L, capable of processing between five and thirty tonnes per hour – dependent upon the specific nature of the material & dry solids grading. The machines are equipped with full plc management controls, which allow them to run automatically.

The Centrifuges work on the principle of the difference in specific weights between the various materials to separate. Solid particles in suspension in a liquid tend to go down because of the force of gravity.


With the decanter, it is possible to reproduce and enhance this process inside a cylinder which rotates at high speed to increase the force of gravity in proportion to the speed, therefore making the separation process almost instantaneous.


Set up in 2004 to provide a bespoke, turnkey solution in the provision of screening-washing and crushing equipment, APS sells complete systems, as well as contracting and hiring of processing equipment.


The deal with Baioni – which has its headquarters on the outskirts of Ancona and was established in 1930 – reinforces APS’s position as a leading supplier of washing equipment, supplying solutions that are able to meet the exact needs of clients.


John Dunne, a director of Finlay Group, said: “Baioni has an exceptional and time proven track record in this sector and the quality of their products, combined with our sales, technical support and after-sales service, makes for a good partnership.





Notes To Editors


The Finlay Group of companies offers the most modern and diverse range of material processing equipment available in the marketplace today.


With its headquarters in Stafford, the company has a national reach across the UK.


APS is part of the Finlay Group of companies. It has been created to provide a bespoke, turnkey solution in the provision of screening-washing and crushing equipment.


Press release issued by Jane Shepherd, Shepherd PR, T: 01538 308685/308099  M: 07985 129315 E:




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