Plastic or Metal Sign Letters for Your Business Needs

23rd of May 2010 0

Plastic or Metal Sign Letters for Your Business Needs

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Although image isn’t everything, it provides a first impression and from this, people will form their own opinions about your business with regards to your professionalism, attitude and quality of service. All this before they have even stepped thru the door. One of the most important image symbols used is the name sign for your business. This is why it is essential you select a name sign for your business with care, a quality sign will bring a definite and clear impact and give shoppers a positive feeling.

The aim of your company sign should be to stand out and get you noticed in a good way. Seek a professionals help if you are unsure as to which colors and design look good together. The size and color of the letters used can ensure it will be seen from a distance, but use constraint as too many colors will give a cluttered look, whilst using only one color will make it unremarkable. When combining colors the rule to [remember is, use no less than two and no more than four. Complementary colors will make a sign easier to see from afar. Choose only one simple classic font and leave the fancy fonts alone.

Once the design and layout of the sign is determined the choice is between metal or plastic letters. Plastic letters offer an attractive clean look and are in a diversity of sizes, colors and fonts. There are three kinds of plastic letter signs. Formed plastic are ideal for 3-D signs and have flat, round or sculpted faces, great for letter heights of up to 60″. Injection molded letters are shaped by tooled molds which give them their precise edges and extra dimension. Plastic letters are important for further depth and up-close applications. Flat cut acrylic letters are formed with a laser and ideal for elaborate letter styles. There are over a hundred styles of plastic letters as well as thirty standard colors, gold leaf can painted on letters produce a metal effect.

Metal sign letters are obtainable in two types. Cast metal letters are hand cast and refined by accomplished craftsmen to achieve the flawless smooth look. Flat cut metal lettering are waterjet cut and ideal for intricate signage and indoor signs. If you want brass, copper or stainless steel for your sign this is the type of lettering you should go for There are over sixty styles of metal sign letters and forty-four standard baked enamel colors.

Both plastic and metal sign letters are hard-wearing enough for outside or inside signs and visual effects are high. Customers prefer these types of letters due to their smart appearance and resilience. They are also convincingly priced and simple to install as there is no electrical wiring needed.

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