Politically Incorrect LED Sign? – US

21st of November 2009 17

Politically Incorrect LED Sign? – US

THX 2 SGT_USMC “This is a huge LED sign belonging to Interstate AC Service in Nashville, TN. This sign overlooks I-40 westbound as it approaches downtown Nashville.”

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17 great comment(s) for this post

  1. riolindasucks 12:47 am 25/11 of 2009

    Good shit. I like to see innovation combined with a good message. My hat’s off to whoever programed that sign.

  2. homesplat 11:03 am 27/11 of 2009

    fuckin awsome lol

  3. fishcrazy104 2:59 am 28/11 of 2009

    that was great

  4. m22k3yt 2:44 pm 28/11 of 2009

    Who ever did that…is the coolest person alive.

  5. MainStreamCreative 3:09 am 30/11 of 2009

    Thank your dad for me for displaying those messages to the public. Awesome!

  6. thatsright93 2:07 am 2/12 of 2009

    My dad is co-owner of that sign.

  7. chunkofjunk 1:22 am 3/12 of 2009

    there are some valid points in that message.

    I like how the sign asks, “who would hire them?(politicians)” and then the company’s name appears.

  8. ElvenArwen 5:01 pm 4/12 of 2009

    Now that’s truth in plain view!

  9. kms0110 1:41 pm 5/12 of 2009

    If this wasn’t so true it would be funny!

  10. ro3love 10:34 am 7/12 of 2009

    hey, my friends dad owns that sign!

  11. marzodemuerte 6:02 pm 8/12 of 2009

    that’s not politically incorrect, that’s the most politically correct thing you can do in America.

  12. kittycatsandbunnies 4:21 am 12/12 of 2009


  13. BigEck 9:44 pm 17/12 of 2009

    That is excellent, thanks for posting.

  14. resqgal 8:34 pm 21/12 of 2009

    That took some guts!!! It is sooo true!

  15. RedNebulaStudios 8:10 pm 24/12 of 2009

    How the hell did they do that? That was pretty cool, does he own the sign or put something in it?

  16. mackiain 1:04 am 30/12 of 2009

    That is gold.

  17. hauulakid 12:23 pm 2/01 of 2009

    That’s what America needs more of..

    Unpolitically correct free speech


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