Pool Safety Sign

29th of December 2009 0

Pool Safety Sign

Every commercial pool you venture into will likely contain a number of safety signs: don’t run, no bombing, don’t dive into the shallow end, no human pyramids, no motorcycles, guns prohibited. We’ve all seen these (well, some of them) at some point in our lives, and we all know that they make sense. It’s nice to be reminded of all the silly things we can, though, so we can’t take these signs for granted.

Signs are often installed in an attempt to add a bit of color to an otherwise dry (pardon the pun) private pool setting.

Without trying to make a huge sweeping generalization, in today’s society people enjoying suing each other. People sue people they don’t know, people they do know, best friends, family, and their children. Some of the reasons for people suing others is the lack of signage warning them that (for instance) “freshly made coffee may be hot”, “knife may be sharp”, and more importantly “side of pool may be slippery”. Although such a sign may not, unfortunately, remove your liability under law for someone slipping at your pool, it does go some way to showing that you thought about the possible dangers.

Some signs can actually be useful: those measuring pool depth, for instance, can serve as a useful warning before anyone jumps in and lands on their head. Likewise younger children may actually need a helping hand from signs to understand (and be constantly reminded) about what they can and cannot do.

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