No idle zone - Protect The Air You Breathe ? No Idle Zone Signs Send The Right Message

12th of April 2010 0

Protect The Air You Breathe ? No Idle Zone Signs Send The Right Message

Remember the days when the final school bell rang and you ran outside with pure joy knowing that the day was over and you wouldn’t have to be back to school until tomorrow morning! As you opened the doors to the parking lot you probably saw 15-30 busses with doors open ready to be filled with students, and over 40-50 cars with parents sitting inside waving out the window waiting for their kid to find them…ALL WITH THEIR ENGINES RUNNING!!!

You didn’t realize what you were breathing did you? “The engine produces air pollution. This pollution contributes to problems like smog and global warming and is also harmful to our health. Vehicle exhaust contains air toxics and fine particles, among other pollutants, which are associated with increased incidence of respiratory ailments and heart disease, as well as greater cancer risk.” – 

This isn’t just a problem in Schools; it’s a problem wherever a car sits idle with the engine on. Streets, office parking lots, factory lots, grocery stores, day cares, stadium lots, and more.

It’s very easy to subconsciously leave your engine running. It’s almost second nature, especially in colder climates. Not every day does such an easy task emerge that will ultimately prevent toxins from entering the air and harming our health and environment. We do not need to shut down a factory that creates jobs, we do not need to implement a new greener mechanism or bring in the worlds top green engineers…all we need to do is TURN OFF OUR ENGINES!

Idling can also be deterred simply by posting an official No Idle Sign. These signs act as a reminder and can be very effective. Remember, this is a bad habit that will be hard to break and the only way to break it is through constant reminders. There are several variations of No Idle Sign messages including signs with fines attached to them. The demand for these signs is increasing at a rapid rate. Hopefully soon every parking lot will have one.

Several states and counties have adopted No Idling regulations and the list is growing. Soon we will have a No Idling United States and we can all breath a little easier.

States that currently require no idling signs are: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, HI, IL, NV, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, TX, UT and VA.

Traffic and parking sign companies are beginning to offer No Idle Signs now. Check out, they offer several No Idle Signs and will customize your sign to fit your needs.

Protect the environment right outside your door.

Rick Mariano

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