Two reasons every business needs an open sign

14th of May 2010 0

Two reasons every business needs an open sign

It amazes me how many businesses I see everyday without an open sign. I often wonder do they realize just how much money they are letting slip through their hands.

open sign

Example of an Open Sign

I once read a quote and it said, “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” If you think about it, it is really true. If you are not letting people know you are open then you are probably not getting the maximum amount of customers coming into your store.

Here are 2 reasons every small business needs an open sign:

1) It lets customers know your open – I cannot count the number of times I have passed up a business simply because I did not know if they were open or not. I did not want to take the time to get out of my car to go check and see. Is that lazy of me? Probably so, but just think of how many of your potential customers are thinking the exact same way. People do not like to be inconvenienced, and getting out of your car to walk up to a business that might or might not be open is an inconvenience. An open sign would eliminate your customers having to guess if you are open or not.

2) It invites them to come in – An open sign can also be an invitation that says, “Welcome, come right in.” You want your potential customers to feel welcome to come in your store. The more customers that come in your store the more money you will make.

Open signs have been proven to increase traffic to small businesses. So if your if your looking for an inexpensive way to get more people in your store invest in an Open Sign today!

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