Safety signs in the work place

29th of October 2009 1

Safety signs in the work place

Safety is an issue that impacts on every business whether it be small or large, no matter what business the company is in. For the traditional business there are many different kinds of basic safety signs that may be required , it is in the up most importance that your employees are protected from any work dangers at all times, this is why you will need a good range of

safety signsin your business.

There are many types of safety signs, including fire signs, construction signs, warning signs, security signs, hazard signs, disabled signs, general safety signs, road signs, prohibition signs, first aid signs and information signs just to name a few. Each category of sign covers a particular danger in the work place. Each particular danger in the work place will have a safety sign placed correctly to warn of the danger.

It is important to recognize the sign for its meaning or to get clarification for the best possible understand of what the particular sign means to you. Many of these signs are widely recognized and require no explanation only compliance with what the symbol advises.

Every sign will have its own meaning, for example a trip hazard sign may be there to inform you that when you open a door there is a step immediately outside. These signs are always placed in a prominent position so they are easily see by all employees..

As an employer or employee, the importance of basic safety cannot be underemphasized or overstressed. It is the employers responsibility to make sure all staff and workers have a safe working environment, to protect the company from any accidents or any employees suing the company for negligence in the work place. It is very important to make sure all staff and workers are familiar with safety in the work place and have full understanding of the meaning of all safety signs.

Every business needs safety signs, Construction sites, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes the list is endless, and there are organisations that enforce the laws to make sure your business has adequate safety signs placed to warn of any dangers in the work place..

All employers should spend time familiarising them self’s with the latest laws and requirements for health and safety and make sure they have the relevant safety signs.

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  1. Safety signs 1:26 pm 18/03 of 2009

    I am always consulting with clients about what safety signs they should have on their sites, and I think your article pretty much covers what I keep telling them. Nice write-up, thanks.


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