Satellite Navigation Positively Affecting Traffic Safety Says Research

2nd of April 2010 0

Satellite Navigation Positively Affecting Traffic Safety Says Research

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, or TNO, is a leading Dutch research institute and it recently revealed the result of their research that they did on the effects of satellite navigation to driving and traffic safety.

The result shows that satellite navigation has been a great help in keeping drivers responsible and safe. The study found out that just like a Jet Chips cold air intake component that positively affects the engine, satellite navigation also positively affects the behavior and safety of drivers using it. Different companies producing devices which subscribe to satellite navigation commissioned the non-profit organization to make the research. These companies are Aon, Athlon Car Lease, Delta Lloyd, and TomTom.

The research found out among other things that satellite navigation has improved the driving behavior of drivers using cars with satellite navigation. The study shows that drivers make stops 25 percent less when guided by satellites. The use of the technology decreases the amount of time they are idling by as much as 35 percent. Usage of satellite navigation systems also decrease the number of turns drivers make while driving to their destination. This shows that this technology is far more superior to conventional navigating methods like using paper maps. The behavior of drivers also changed and this is shown in the 50 percent less instances when inappropriate actions are taken like ignoring traffic signs. This shows that the use of the satellite aided navigation system allows the driver to focus on driving more than finding the way.

Another thing that the use of satellite navigation gives to drivers is heightened alertness. Seventy-eight percent of the respondents in the study said that they feel they are on top of things when they are using a satellite aided navigation system. This translates to reduction of stress that is commonly found in drivers who has much trouble finding their way to their destination. The respondents also said that they are more alert with regards to traffic situations when they have a navigation device.

The use of satellite navigation was proven also to decrease the workload of the driver. Compared to other methods like using digital Internet route planners, the use of satellite navigation system requires less exertion and effort on the part of the driver.

The research also found out that the mileage of a vehicle is reduced by as much as 16 percent when using a satellite navigation device. In connection to that, the time spent on traveling is also reduced by as much as 18 percent. This reduction in time and distance means that less fuel is consumed. Since lesser fuel is consumed, the use of devices such as those manufactured by TomTom helps drivers to save money. This also means that satellite navigation indirectly helps in the protection of the environment. When it comes to insurance claims, the research group found out that those drivers who do not have a satellite navigation device makes 12 percent more damage claims than those who use satellite aided navigation devices.

The research was conducted in The Netherlands as commissioned by different companies. Three elements were used to answer the fundamental question “What are the effects of navigation systems on traffic safety?” The three elements used in the analysis of the survey were user survey, damage database analysis, and test drives. User surveys were conducted to determine what the drivers using the technology feel when they are using satellite navigation systems. The damage database analysis was conducted to find out the number of cases of damage claims filed by drivers with satellite navigation systems and those who do not have them. The test drives are conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the system against other navigation methods.

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