Sign definition

Sign definition

A sign is an entity that display another entity, it can come in many forms any signs often do. Almost everything can be a sign however this text describes the most common meaning of the word sign.


Neon sign portraying a word and special symbol - can you guess what this sign is for?

The range of uses of signs are varied. They may include: an indication of something or a display of a message, a signal of alertness, evidence of an underlying cause, symptoms of a malfuncton, a sign of a mathematical operation, a body gesture and so on.

Types of signs

A sign stands for one of the following:

  • A signboard on a beach in Durban in apartheid-era South Africa shows a beach separated.
  • A wooden sign leads to a trail

Astrology: often used to signify the sun

  • Sign in or signing, in communication: communication through gestures, as in sign language.

Gang signal

  • Sign tracking (hunting: Also known as Spoor) (animal evidence on the ground after the passage on the left side.

A signboard

Share a character, is an indication that a previously observed event is about to occur again. Registration in the prophecy, and religion: an omen, an event or occurrence believed to foretell the future.

Find Signing in the ontology and spirituality: a coincidence, synchronicity. (Linguistics: a combination of concept and a sound-image of Ferdinand de Saussure described

In mathematics, says the sign of a series, whether it is positive or negative. In addition, the sign of a permutation say if it is the product of an even or odd number of transpositions.

Signedness is to calculate the property that is a representation of a number of something, the character that is, if the number is negative or negative. A number is signed, if it is a sign bit or has not signed. Also signed number representation Lake, Registration in biology: an indication of the presence of a living thing

Medical signs in medicine

Objective evidence for the presence of a disease or disorder, a symptom that is subjective.

Traffic signs

A sign that the driver can see the stop sign and cross them to rely on foot speed limit signs.

A document

A basic unit. Similar concepts that go into more detail to letter or grapheme.

Commercial signage

Commercial signage including flashing signs, such as a shop, factory, theater or Signature, in history: a handwritten seen representation on the authorship of a document and shows off.

Log frame

A “frame sign” is a relatively new method in the signage industry consists of a frame that can accept many types of sign substrates together so that graphics can easily be changed without the need to update the entire structure in order to sign . Replace Sign frames are usually used in modular signage systems and are an essential feature of the Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT).

Sign frames are for portable outdoor applications are available and accommodate to fold flat and the existing character.

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