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4th of November 2009 1

Pleasing Sign Design – 5 Basics

Rule 1: Give your letters space Having your letters too close to the edge of the sign always looks bad. Many beginners make this mistake in an effort to fi..


2nd of November 2009 3

Making a Neon Sign

A video clip from “Introduction to Neon Signs” where you can learn how a neon sign is made.


1st of November 2009 0

Vinyl Signs: Finding Space for Large Ideas

Why place your vinyl signs in a single location? Vinyl signs are your outdoor advertising materials that possess greater visibility or exposure to pedestri..


25th of October 2009 0

How are neon signs made?

Here is a video that will give you a great deal of information on how a neon sign is actually made. It’s from Discovery Channel’s How Its Made...


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