Software for Sign Graphics Work

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Software for Sign Graphics Work

LED signs have several benefits for a business which include attracting new customers and increasing the awareness of your product or service.

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What software?

Creating these LED signs requires a software that can be versatile and flexible, and at the same time delivering a high quality output. While there are several software in the market which claim to deliver on these counts, Corel Draw is one which stands out from the crowd but Adobe Illustrator works as well.

LED sign boards have found their application across the board for several organizations. It is a very unique method of attracting new customers to your products or services. It helps create and build upon your company’s brand image and brand value, while providing you with a non-stop advertisement for your product. It is also a means of informing current and potential customers of any new information or service that is being introduced within your products. All of this, of course, comes at a very reasonable price, which is also one of the main attracting factors towards using LED sign displays for advertising your product.

For this purpose, you require a software which is able to handle the specific requirements for the creation of such sign graphics. And needless to say, the market is rife with such software. However, the one software which rules the roost in this regard is Corel Draw. Corel Draw is chock full of features that endears it to a sign graphics designer.

Vector Images

One of the main features of Corel Draw is the ability to create vector based graphics. Vector images are the preferred image formats when one is printing or resizing the graphic image. Vector images consist of a series of mathematical curves and therefore they render and print very well when resized. Thus, your sign graphic (which eventually is going to be resized several hundred times over), which looks great on the computer, will also render beautifully on the sign board. In this manner, you will retain the integrity of the graphic display and its colors and curves, for example, when your put up your sign on the side of the road.

Corel Draw provides you with a plethora of tools to create vector based graphic designs. From a simple logo to the design of your sign graphic – a variety of small to large project sizes and scales are easily handled by Corel Draw. Along with being compatible with the industry standard file formats, Corel Draw also supports importing from and exporting to these file formats – thus giving you a lot of flexibility while working with your sign graphics projects.

Signs templating and layouts

Corel Draw also offers a number of layout possibilities and templates, which make working with the software simple and straightforward. The software also offers a number of pre-formatted templates for specific requirements, and comes with a tutorial. All of this makes the learning curve a brisk and easy affair. Corel Draw also offers a number of live preview features, helping you to see (in real-time) how your design may look like if a certain change is applied to it.

Specific to the sign graphics industry, Corel Draw offers over 100 different filters that help designers to import and export graphics. The software also offers a number of facilities and tools that allow sign graphics designers to work effectively with text.

Corel Draw also integrates text font integration along with the ability to work with page layers. Other features of Corel Draw include Trace (which traces bitmap images and converts them to editable vector images) and Photo-Edit (that allows you to work with photos) and Capture (which allows you to capture images and content from the computer screen). There are a number of occasions where these features come in handy for a vector graphics designer.

With all these nifty features and tool sets, it is no wonder that Corel Draw has become the software of choice for sign graphics designers.

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