Square Sign Post ? Flexible and Durable

11th of March 2010 0

Square Sign Post ? Flexible and Durable

Are you in the process of building a new facility for your business? Or, do you already own or manage a business, but are thinking of giving your parking area an upgrade? One of the most essential parts of an urban or rural parking situation is the proper use of parking signs. Regardless of whether you are trying to tell people they only have fifteen minutes when parked in front of the door, or that delivery drivers can only access the back docks during the early morning hours, you have to display the signs in a location where they are guaranteed to be seen. If you are thinking about installing new signs, a square sign post is your best bet.

If you’re not really the type of person that regularly has to install new signs and sign posts, you may not realize that there are different types of sign posts. But the truth is that the type of post you use will have a lot to do with the stability and durability of your post. If you operate a business in an urban area that frequently has changing parking rules, you probably don’t want to dig up your old signs and replace them with new posts every time the rules change. Using a square sign post makes it easy to add or switch out the signs without having to dig a new hole.

If you’ve never seen a square sign post before, you might have trouble imagining it in comparison to usual sign posts. With typical street and parking signs, you usually have a metal sign with holes drilled into the top and bottom. The post is typically a single piece of bent metal that has holes punched at frequent intervals from the top to the bottom. The posts are made this way so that the sign can be attached at any height along the pole. Usually the bottom of the pole is embedded in cement, and placed in the ground.

With a square sign post, you would use a very similar process to embed the posts in the ground. The only difference is that you only embed the bottom of the square post in the ground. This base part has four sides and is a little bit bigger in circumference than the rest of the post. This makes it easy to slide the post in and out of the base in the event that you have to change the sign.

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