Stable Advertising Signs For Your Stable! please watch!

19th of October 2009 21

Stable Advertising Signs For Your Stable! please watch!

ok so i make signs for your stable. tell me what you want on your sign and if you want a silhouetted horses or a colored horse just tell me! and also tell me what you want on your sign!! you can offer me something for the signs or a money offer. i love breyer horses!!! please rate comment and subscribe!

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  1. SpyroJunkie 7:50 am 22/10 of 2009

    ok, sounds coolio!

  2. RisingVelocity 2:10 pm 24/10 of 2009

    lol ok umm i csan try find more of your stuff for sale then ill just send the total money to u

  3. SpyroJunkie 11:20 pm 27/10 of 2009

    they are $1

  4. RisingVelocity 4:54 am 30/10 of 2009

    how much are they

  5. SpyroJunkie 1:35 pm 2/11 of 2009

    so…do you want to buy one???

  6. RisingVelocity 12:18 am 6/11 of 2009

    My barn name is Unbridled Nature Stables, and i really like the jumpingg horse! i just dont know what my pic should be of :S x

  7. AQHlover 2:38 am 8/11 of 2009


  8. UnbrokenFilly 11:09 pm 9/11 of 2009

    wow people are trading you good stuff for a sign

    i would but im the best artist on animals in the whole of second year so i think i have my sign covered but my stables is called Canyon Creek Ranch anyway ^^

    well your signs are really good im making a new sign for me but my old one is a overlo paint mare trotting so its really nice but its getting old next to yours so i tinkn ill do a really good pic

  9. SpyroJunkie 11:28 pm 9/11 of 2009

    sure thing! i would love to! but you are gonna need to go to my channel and private message me so we can discuss addresses and how i can mail it to you! sound cool?

  10. horsecritic 5:23 am 13/11 of 2009

    I was wondering if you could make a sign for me. Mine is a herd name, the Silver Hill (c), i was wondering if you could make a sign for it.

  11. SpyroJunkie 12:24 am 15/11 of 2009

    yeah! sounds cool to me! please private message me so we discuss when to mail it and stuff!

  12. HorseLover101555 7:45 am 16/11 of 2009

    I will trade you a stable mate horse or somthing like that.

  13. HorseLover101555 3:08 pm 19/11 of 2009

    The name of my farm is golden gates stable . Could you make a sign with a gold gate openning to a pasture with a gold horse grazing ?

  14. SpyroJunkie 4:33 pm 20/11 of 2009

    sure! message me for further info!

  15. PunkDoodle33 5:19 pm 23/11 of 2009

    please dont copy anyone!
    could you advertise mulberry stables pls!

  16. horselover4655 3:22 am 24/11 of 2009

    omg lol im going to ave to massage u cause i dobt wanna give my stable nae away but um i want it on blue paper i want a pinto mare whith a filly in a corral make it grassy =D

  17. SpyroJunkie 12:21 pm 26/11 of 2009

    ok. so i will trade you a sign for a blanket. any color blanket it doesn’t matter! what type of sign do you want and i need the name of your stable and what color background you want!

  18. horselover4655 4:14 pm 26/11 of 2009

    i make blankets/saddle pads and i named mines courage lol

  19. SpyroJunkie 2:01 am 30/11 of 2009

    i have harmonie too! but i called mine nitro! well…do you make saddles or blankets?

  20. horselover4655 4:09 pm 1/12 of 2009

    wat would u like for that? rember i dont have breyers i only have 1 and thats harmonie and i cant trade u him sorry cause hes mne -_- lol but would u lke me to make u something?

  21. Iwasapony25 9:02 am 5/12 of 2009

    you are a really good artist!


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