The Electric Company – Sign Song

2nd of January 2010 24

The Electric Company – Sign Song

Back by request, Clark Gesner’s first “sign song” for TEC.

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. CanadaFamilyMan 10:35 am 2/01 of 2010

    You can almost dance to this!

  2. bassbabe666 12:18 pm 3/01 of 2010

    Loved this ditty as a kid – still do!!! Thanks for posting it.

  3. loveutoto 4:15 pm 4/01 of 2010

    Hear, hear!

  4. pannoni1 8:30 pm 7/01 of 2010

    This video definately falls into the Forgotten NY mold with lots of stuff shown here.

  5. NantoVision 3:03 am 9/01 of 2010

    If you watch my post of “Sign Song Parody #3”, that sketch is included at the end.

  6. TnseWlms 9:45 am 10/01 of 2010

    Does anybody remember a sketch where Skip is sleeping on the sidewalk in a Tow Away Zone, so a policeman puts a ticket under his glasses and drags him away?

  7. NantoVision 3:05 pm 13/01 of 2010

    Not really, but I used to think it was Joe Raposo years ago when I didn’t know what he looked like.

  8. lurch321 3:38 pm 13/01 of 2010

    Doesn’t he kind of look like Joe Raposo?

  9. microbusss 10:36 pm 16/01 of 2010

    good stuff! what you wanna bet if even 1% of these signs still exist! lol

  10. PJoseph73 7:18 pm 17/01 of 2010

    How is is that I remember the words after 30 years. Now my son can sign it with me! Thanks for posting it.

  11. jeffrey64 2:32 pm 21/01 of 2010

    Classic stuff! Nothing like what is on now, so simple and direct.

  12. JGCooney 10:16 am 24/01 of 2010

    I would add the new Electric Company on PBS Kids and maybe Sprout?

  13. RSG2006 1:16 pm 24/01 of 2010

    The cab driver probably wasn’t anyone famous, but just an actual cabbie whom the filmmaker asked if he’d like to be in a film.

  14. RSG2006 7:01 pm 25/01 of 2010

    Dunno, but that’s nowhere near Jane Street and Jones Street.

  15. TechnoNubian 6:42 pm 27/01 of 2010

    man, i still love NY, my home state. Channel 13 PBS!!!!

  16. quirpco 10:13 am 28/01 of 2010

    I believe it was this film that started my life-long obsession with signs.

  17. mhirtes12 6:50 pm 28/01 of 2010

    The second half of the song was sung by Charlie Brown’s teacher.

  18. buzzlewie 10:11 am 29/01 of 2010

    Wow, bring back the good ol days.

  19. NantoVision 5:09 pm 29/01 of 2010

    I agree about the show attracting genius, but that is absolutely, positively 100% not George Carlin. He does look somewhat similar to Carlin from that era.

  20. ProfessorIgor 9:23 pm 30/01 of 2010

    the guy is George Carlin…. this show seemed to attract genius… Tom Lehrer, Joe Raposo, Morgan Freeman, the list goes on… very brilliant people

  21. Qermaq 8:47 am 2/02 of 2010

    Bassoon with trumpet in harmon with stem extended doing wah-wah for the repeat chorus. Joe Raposo = freakin’ brilliant. No one else ever did that!

  22. cherilynn64 2:42 am 5/02 of 2010

    LOL – I’m 44 and just sang 90% of it from memory! 70s kids tv ROCKED. I’m so glad I grew up when I did :-)

  23. bdguile 12:17 am 7/02 of 2010

    hey japesjake……….I DID start singing it……….and I am 41!!!!! all these clips of TEC bring back so many memories!!!!!

  24. firestepher72 9:33 am 10/02 of 2010

    I have always loved this song. TEC taught me so much.


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