The Impact of LED Signs to Your Business and the Environment

15th of December 2009 0

The Impact of LED Signs to Your Business and the Environment

Often the first impression given by your business is the signs outside or even inside your business. The right combination of style and information is a efficient and eye catching way for owners to communicate to the customer, which will hopefully affect the bottom line with additional sales.

The use of LED signs are not only one of the most effect method of advertising in the sense of dollars, they will increase the visibility of your business. With the right strategic placement your LED sign can communicate to potential customers up to 1500 feet away and is starkly visible during the night time hours. Even if the one getting a look at the sign never becomes a customer, if the sign is memorable enough, the sign will be remembered and could lead to word of mouth business.

Another benefit of LED signs is when it comes to update of information, such as products and prices. Gone are the days of climbing a ladder or using a long poll in the long, painstaking process of changing out plastic letters or even whole signs. With a LED sign and the addition of a computer you can update your sign. You can even set certain updates to be triggered date, time or other events.

With dynamic updating you can advertise specials based on current inventory or even advertise daily specials. This advancement over regular signs alone will allow you to keep the customer informed with all the information they need with minimal effort. The quick and ease of updating your LED sign, which in turn keeps your customers informed. This also lets you stay ahead of your competitors, leading customers to choose your business over another.

It is plain to see that the impact of LED signs on your business can be well worth the investment. With the right sign you can further along the process every business needs, turning the potential customer into a buyer. Also, with the right sign you can create the perfect look and feel for your business that will lead to word of mouth business.

Standing out to the customer will keep the memory of your business close at hand, not only for them but friends and family that may have need of the goods or services you can provide. Not only that, making use of LED signs affects your bottom line in another way, reducing operating costs by reducing manpower to update signs. Not only does the LED sign impact your business it can also have an impact on the world around you as well.

“Going green” with a LED sign will not only help bring in new and repeat customers it will positively impact the environment. While the up front costs of LED signs can be more expensive than other options you should consider that LED’s are extremely energy efficient. With a savings up to 80%-95% power savings versus other options such as neon signs in the long run that will also have a positive impact on your businesses bottom line. Of course the bonus of being viewed as a environmentally conscious business can do that as well!

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